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Celebrating The 35-Year Anniversary of Bill Beazley Home Builders In Georgia

Posted by admin on December 14, 2011
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The Bill Beazley team of home builders in Georgia have been building homes for over 35 years all over the CSRA. There have been a lot of changes in the way homes are built from then to now; even the types of homes we’re building have changed.

Home Builders In Georgia Offer Bigger Homes Today…

In 1977, the average home price in our area was $50,700. The average size of a home was 1,720 square feet. Wood paneling was very popular and often used not only in dens and living areas, but bedrooms as well. Most homes had only one and a half or two bathrooms. Today, the average home size is 2,135 square feet and costs $148,900.

Rich Amenities Offered By Home Builders In Georgia Have Improved Too…

We have innovations that make our lives easier and more luxurious. Bill Beazley home builders in Georgia spare no expense — from granite countertops and stainless steel appliances to travertine backsplashes and eco-friendly finishes — all of which add to the glamorousness of today’s modern kitchen. The blending of natural materials with modern finishes like stainless steel gives our homeowners the warm, inviting kitchens they’ve been dreaming of.

It’s Cheaper To Heat and Cool Bigger Homes Built Today, Thanks To Eco-Friendly Advances Employed By Cutting Edge Home Builders in Georgia

While central heating and air were pretty common in the average home built in the 1970’s, you can be assured that the units used back then don’t even compare to our modern 13 Seer units for their performance or their efficiency. The insulation used in our homes makes them noticeably more energy efficient than homes built even ten years ago. This means you can heat and cool a much larger house built today for the same (or less) than you would pay to heat and cool a home built 10 years or more ago.

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Home Builders In Georgia Favor “Open Concept” Floor Plans…

Home plans have become more open to better suit today’s lifestyle. Mom can be in the kitchen working, while still keeping an eye on the kids in the greatroom. She can usually even still see the TV and what they’re watching! Bathrooms are bigger and more functional for today’s families. A lot of plans have split bathrooms that allow someone to be taking a shower in the back part and someone else to be at the sink brushing their teeth, both of them maintaining their privacy. Bedrooms are bigger and include a walk-in closet in many cases (something that was unheard of in the 1970’s).

Choose Home Builders In Georgia For All The Modern Conveniences…

You’ll find many modern day conveniences in today’s Bill Beazley Home. Automatic sprinkler systems are included with our homes, as are garbage disposals, garage door openers, dishwashers, and pull down attic stairs. All of these items would have been rare finds in the average home of 1976. Some of them still aren’t included by other builders in today’s market.

While Bill started building in Richmond County all those years ago, today you can find our houses in Richmond, Columbia and Aiken Counties. Our home builders in Georgia are building a wide range of homes in different sizes and price points. Whatever your needs, you’ll be able to find a Bill Beazley Home to fit.


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