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New Homeowners: Save Money With These 5 Tips!

Posted by admin on August 1, 2013
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Moving into your Augusta GA home is an exciting time! But it can also be stressful, considering this is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make. So take a deep breath and follow these 5 tips on saving money as you settle into your beautiful new residence by Bill Beazley Homes.

1. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater.

Water heaters are normally set to about 160 degrees for instant hot water. However, it takes a lot of energy to keep the temperature so high and most people will not notice any difference by setting the water heater to 120 degrees. Besides, you don’t want to run the risk of burning yourself.

hot water tank

2. Choose ceiling fans in most rooms.

Most Bill Beazley Homes estates come with ceiling fans in the great room and master bedroom. However, you may customize your home however you wish and put in additional ceiling fans as a low-energy way to keep air moving in your house. With the circulating air, you can keep your thermostat a degree or two higher in the summer.

ceiling fan

3. Use your programmable thermostat.

Did you know your home comes with a programmable thermostat? This allows you to turn down your heat or air conditioning as you sleep and while you’re away from the home, so you’re not spending money on utilities you’re not using. Every degree you turn your thermostat down correlates with a 1% savings on your energy bill. In the hot Georgian summers, you can see even bigger savings.

programmable thermostat

4. Replace your air filter.

When was the last time you checked your HVAC filter? During the summer, you should be changing this monthly. A clogged filter makes your whole system work harder to cool (or heat) the home, which translates to big money on your bill. Besides, a clean filter means cleaner air for your family to breathe. Likewise, you should take a look at your vents to make sure nothing is obstructing them — not even dust bunnies.



5. Use smart strips for electronics.

Much power is wasted when electronic devices sit idly. This is often referred to as “vampire power.” Whether it’s a TV, cable box, DVD player, stereo, computer, or video game console, there is power flowing from the wall as long as these items are plugged in. On the other hand, you can cut off power from auxiliary devices by connecting to a power strip instead.

power strip

Lastly, be sure you develop a home maintenance checklist that includes regular maintenance tasks to increase the longevity of your appliances and home systems, which will save you money over the long haul.

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