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Customize Your Interior: Exchange Cabinet Hardware

Posted by admin on August 9, 2013
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An easy way to give your home a custom look is to exchange your cabinet hardware for something super special. It takes nothing more complicated than a screwdriver and few minutes of your time!

How To Choose Cabinet Hardware

Once you get into the thick of customizing your new cabinets, you’ll find yourself asking questions like: Do all my knobs need to match? Which color represents the aesthetic I’m looking for? What choices are popular these days? Should I go for knobs or handles? Here are a few tips for choosing cabinet hardware for your new home…

  • Opt for knobs on all doors and pulls on all drawers (or vice versa). 
  • Another option is to put handles on all top cabinets and knobs on all bottom cabinets.
  • Keep the size of the handles relative to the size of the doors.
  • Think of hardware as a prominent accent piece that will draw the eye.
  • Consider kitchen style. Contemporary likes long pull bars and square handles / knobs.
  • Traditional kitchens look good with detailed, filigreed or more ornate carved handles.
  • Shaker style kitchens prefer large round pulls in metal or wood.
  • Match metals to faucets, light fixtures, tables, flatware, or appliances.
  • Look for contrasting hardware — dark wood with brass, steel, chrome or nickel.
  • Look for contrasting hardware — light cabinets with bronze, enamel, or antique copper.
  • Go upscale with satin or highly polished finish for contemporary or traditional rooms.
  • Go more casual or antique with oil-rubbed bronze, enamel or glass hardware.
  • Find a shape that is practical and comfortable for your fingers to be grabbing all day.

Types of Cabinet Hardware

Contemporary / Modern

customize cabinets modern

Old World / European

customize cabinets


exchange cabinet hardware

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

oil rubbed bronze cabinets


pewter customized cabinets

Brushed Nickel

brushed nickel cabinets


chrome cabinet hardware

 Matching Light Fixture / Cabinet Hardware

light fixtures matching hardware

 Matching Appliances / Cabinet Hardware

appliances matching cabinet hardware

Mix & Match

mix match cabinet hardware

The Bottom Line

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide and the best approach is to visit a showroom or design center, where you can see different types of cabinet hardware in action. You can touch the knobs and handles, pull on them to feel how they work, and ask a salesperson any questions you may have about installation. While you’re touring houses with us, be sure to let us know if you are interested in customizing a new home and we’ll direct you to the appropriate resources!

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