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New Floor Plans With Downstairs Master Bedrooms!

Posted by admin on August 29, 2013
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Life can be so much easier. This thought occurs to many of us as we get older. Some homeowners tell us they grow tired of running laundry from the top floor of the home to the basement every week. Other buyers say they like the spaciousness of a two-story home, but would prefer to walk in at ground level and proceed right to their master bedroom without climbing all those stairs. We listen to all these considerations and create functional floor plans based on buyer needs. You’ll love these two floor plans featuring master bedrooms on the ground-level.

Why Have A Downstairs Master Bedroom?

– In a nutshell: downstairs masters give you all the convenience of single-story living, with all the space of multi-story homes.

A downstairs master bedroom is more accessible, especially if you have a bum knee or you are getting older and have less desire to participate in “daily mountain climbing” within your own home.

– A downstairs master bedroom offers more privacy for parents who can send the kids up to their second floor bedrooms, so they can enjoy a little more peace and quiet. This style of home may not appeal to parents with young children, but it’s a huge draw for parents of teens who appreciate the extra space just as much!

– A downstairs master bedroom can be the ideal guest room if you have traveling in-laws or relatives who stay with you often. They’ll be nice and close to all the amenities of your home, whether they’re looking for a midnight snack or wish to watch early morning television before the rest of the house has arisen.

The Kennedy Floor Plan

This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home can be found in the Summerlin (Evans, GA) and Hayne’s Station (Augusta, GA) developments. Cooking, entertaining, laundry and entry are all accessible on the main level. The upstairs features 3 additional bedrooms, a bathroom and loft space — which is ideal for homes with older children and teens.

kennedy floor plan

The Stanton 3 Floor Plan

Stanton 3’s 4 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom floor plan can be found in our newest community at Hayne’s Station in Augusta, GA. Buyers love that the master bedroom is situated right by the patio / porch area. The living room and great room offer wonderful opportunities for entertaining guests in a spacious ground-level environment. The upstairs game room and multiple bedrooms are a blast for kids, visitors and multi-generational households.

stanton floor plan with basement

 See These Homes In Action!

Seeing the floor plans on paper is one thing, but experiencing the homes and imagining your family living there is quite another. Please call 706-863-4888 to have a closer look!

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