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New Trend Spotlight: Bright, Fun Front Doors

Posted by admin on September 11, 2013
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Last month, we talked about choosing the right paint colors for your home. This month, we talk about a growing new trend — bright, fun, funky front doors!  As it turns out, the color you choose says a lot about your personality. Perhaps you’re used to a clean, crisp, white door that indicates organization and cleanliness. Yet, many homeowners are letting their true colors show — choosing blue to reveal a go-with-the-flow attitude, yellow to reveal an artistic spirit, red to make a “look at me” statement, green to indicate a passion for the environment, purple to reveal the inner dreamer and risk taker, or a lively orange to showcase sociability.

Tips For Choosing The Right Color…

– Don’t instinctively choose your favorite color. Think about what works well with your surrounding exterior. Plan to coordinate shutters and trim.

– The bolder, the better for a front door. Inside, colors tend to appear more subdued, whereas outdoor paint colors can fade into the background. Consider how you want to portray yourself. A front door is sort of like choosing the right tie or necklace.

– Use the right kind of paint. Avoid high-gloss on old, worn doors because all your imperfections will shine right through. Other options include matte, low-lustre and semi-gloss, so be sure you are familiar with how these will look before slapping a coat on your door.

Red Doors

Mood: Attention-Seeking, Passionate, Bold
Complementary Exteriors: Light / Med. Gray, Wood, Light Neutral, White, Black
Shades: Fireworks (Sherwin Williams), Red Delicious (Glidden), Stop (Sherwin Williams), Poinsettia (Sherwin Williams), Don’t Be Shy (Para Paints – PICTURED BELOW)

 home trend red door

Orange Doors

Mood: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Creative
Complementary Exteriors: Gray, Wood, White, Warm Taupe
Shades: Navel (Sherwin Williams), Orange Marmalade (Glidden), Osage Orange (Sherwin Williams), Earthenware (Beauti-Tone), Trolley (Valspar – PICTURED BELOW)

 home trend orange door

Yellow Doors

Mood: Cheerful, Outgoing, Artistic
Complementary Exteriors: Cool Gray, Dark Blue, Wood, Metal, White, Dark Brown
Shades: Rajah Gold (Kelly Moore), Fresh Lemonade (Pittsburgh Paints), Summer Petal (Pratt & Lambert), Empire Yellow (Pratt & Lambert – PICTURED BELOW)

home trend yellow door

Green Doors

Mood: Eco-friendly, Bold, Unconventional
Complementary Exteriors: Dark/Blue-Gray, Brick, Stone, Warm-Beige, White, Wood
Shades: Awakening (Valspar), Gardening Girl (Kelly Moore), Pickle (Sherwin Williams), Bleached Spruce (Pittsburgh Paints), Steamed Spinach (Benjamin Moore), Sassy Green (Valspar), Green Blitz (Pratt & Lambert), Garden Party (ICI Paints – PICTURED BELOW)

home trend green door

Blue Doors

Mood: Tranquil, Calm, Easygoing
Complementary Exteriors: Brick, Stone, Light Natural Siding, White, Gray, Warm Tan
Shades: Soft Sapphire (Glidden), Nautilus (Sherwin Williams), Seaside Reflections (Mythic), Beautiful Blue (Dunn Edwards), Candid Blue (Sherwin Williams), Blue Lapis (Benjamin Moore – PICTURED BELOW)

home trend blue door

Purple Doors

Mood: Dramatic, dreamy, risky, adventurous
Complementary Exteriors: Light/Med Gray, Taupe, Green-Gray, Beige, Metal
Shades: King’s Robe (Pittsburgh Paints), Tulip Purple (Pratt & Lambert), Luxe Blue (Sherwin Williams), Evening Magic (Kelly Moore), Twinkle Night (Valspar), Twilight Gold (Benjamin Moore – PICTURED BELOW)

home trend purple door

Happy Door Painting!

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