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Gallery Walls: Tips & Tricks

Posted by admin on October 2, 2013
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When done correctly, gallery walls are truly stunning! Viewers feel as though they have just walked into a museum and all attention is immediately drawn to the focal wall you’ve so thoughtfully created. If it’s not done right, your wall could end up looking cluttered and disjointed. So here are our best tips and tricks for flawlessly incorporating this decorative nuance into your interior design.

Pick an accent piece… and off-center it.

Use a big anchor piece, but make it eclectic by adding a mix of horizontal and vertical pieces, as well as tiny prints. Be sure to fill the entire wall from furniture to ceiling.

gallery wall photos

Make sure there is color balance.

As you’ll see at the Style by Emily Henderson blog, there are pops of pink, yellow and blue, but the black-and-white paintings are the thread that ties everything together.

gallery wall

Choose what you love.

Resist the temptation to choose art based on color. Instead, choose pieces that really speak to you. “Hang what you love and what has meaning to you,” advises A Beautiful Mess. Choosing a consistent frame color can tie the gallery wall together, if need be.

focal wall

Opt for a theme.

Some gallery walls are a pastiche of different loves, for one reason or another. Houzz says other gallery walls may be made in homage to the children’s artwork, a favorite style of art, a preferred painter, or a particular shape.

gallery wall

Map it out on paper first.

It can be challenging to figure out where all those nails must go! So Brooklyn Limestone recommends beginning by laying out your arrangement on a gigantic piece of paper, tracing all the frames, measuring and marking the center of each frame, hanging the paper on the wall, and then driving your nails.

focal wall

Think beyond the grid.

Irregularly shaped mirrors, blue French horns, sculptures, animal heads, keys and other interesting items can add intrigue to your gallery wall, says Desert Domicile. Resist the urge to make everything look uniform and space all the pieces evenly. Variety is the spice of life!

gallery wall

Consider unique ways to display.

Shelf gallery walls are a neat way to showcase photos. If you have really stunning photos, skip the frames and let the pictures do the talking. Another alternative to framing would be to stick photos on something re-purposed — like an old window affixed to the wall, says this blogger.

gallery walls

Happy focal wall making!

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