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5 October Decorating Tips for Your Home

Posted by admin on October 8, 2013
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Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home, expanding into your second, or just need a change of scenery, decorating your home can be an exploration full of color, accent pillows… and yes, stress. But the path to liberating your home of that dreaded 80’s wall paper doesn’t have to be an all out war.

Sit down, put away that caulking gun, and listen to these five helpful home-decorating tips for a fussy-free fall season.

Start Where the Magic Happens

Well let’s face it, the bedroom is where we spend most of our time when at home. It should then be our sanctuary. Try for new bedding. (Thread count COUNTS.) If you have a little more money to spare, splash a dramatic color on the wall to compliment your new bedding. Too much color? Try painting just one wall for an accent that pops.


Mix it Up

Not everything has to match. In fact, the less matchy-matchy, the more your room will come to life, and the more cost effective you will be. Buying entire sets of furniture or fabric tends to cost more than putting together a creative, eclectic look. Mix materials, fabrics, textures, and colors. Mix in a bold accent like a zebra print blanket or a brightly colored pillow to add some contrast to a low-key sofa. No, those dining room chairs don’t have to match. Set yourself free of “the box” and don’t be afraid.

Take Advantage of Frugality

Scope out some secondhand shops, which offer a treasure cove of decorating finds, or turn a fresh eye to what you already have and think about how it might be repurposed. Ignore overly decorative (and very expensive) cabinet hardware. Instead, refresh your current cabinets with a coat of paint. Painting is the least expensive investment you can make, but it can have striking results. Changing things up doesn’t have to cost your paycheck. Sometimes, all it takes is a bouquet of vibrant flowers to brighten a room.

Work the Light

Hang a mirror where it can reflect light and a scene of the outdoors. It makes the room appear larger. Low on natural light? Artificial light can have impressive results as well. Improve the appearance of the bathroom by installing less “yellow” PAR-type bulbs. Or try, dimmer switches to keep light levels low for a midnight bathroom break or bubble baths for two. Keep the mood music handy.

Consider the Season

Now, how do these tips translate into the fall season? Well, fall is all about the harvest. It’s about multi-colored foliage and creating a warm atmosphere.

fall decorating ideas

Give any room in your house that fall touch with the scents of the season like Clove and Cinnamon by making a DIY potpourri fragrance. Try these fall-inspired recipes at here.

Or perhaps, bring in a fall foliage arrangement or harvest-inspired centerpiece. The key to arrangements is to group the foliage by size and color as if you would flowers. Fiery red maple makes a beautiful focal point when countered with the feathery foliage of redwood. For a harvest piece, don’t limit yourself to just traditional orange. Orange and yellow pumpkins really pop when mixed with bright greens. For a spookier feel, add crooked branches and Spanish moss. Dark colors help the pumpkins stand out.

Speaking of pumpkins, if you have a couple extra lying around, feel free to get creative. Paint them contrasting colors like black and gold, or carve a hole in a pumpkin and fill it up with your favorite fall blooms.

The Final Word

Above all, remember whose house this is. Don’t waste your time and money trying to duplicate a living room showcase seen on TV if it doesn’t speak to who you are. Make certain your décor resonates with your unique life. You have worked hard for your own space, so own it. Use your home design and décor as an extension of your individuality. That is the true showcase.

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