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Sectional Sofas: The Elephant in the Room

Posted by admin on November 14, 2013
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Sectional sofas have a reputation in the home decor world for being big, clunky space eaters. But it’s quite the contrary. A well-proportioned sectional can define a space. Sectionals offer plenty of accessible and extremely comfortable seating and when done right, can be just as stylish as any other sofa. Don’t think of these big couches as something you need to hide or shrink. Sectionals do not have to be the big furniture elephant in the room. Instead, think of them as the perfect centerpiece for a cozy room and follow our guide for their proper accoutrements.

When, How, and Where to Use a Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofas


When To Use Them?

Sectionals are great for big families and entertaining because they provide a comfortable seat for everyone. And having all the extra seating means you can clear out the chairs and free up more floor space. This way, sectional sofas can actually CREATE space! 



No matter if you have a big or small living space, a sectional sofa can be a great alternative to many separate furniture pieces. However, it is important to measure all available space for the sofa prior to its placement, and preferably prior to its purchase. Sectionals come in different sizes, and you are going to want it to fit your particular room well. Don’t do all the work to get it in the room to find out it blocks your front door.

How to Use Them?

Although you may be tempted to, do not under any circumstance separate the pieces of your sectional sofa. Sectional sofas are meant to be attached, and separating them will result in an exposed mid section. Leave the exposed mid sections for Miley; they don’t work with couches.

Once you have read through our guide and understand where to use these couches, you can start adding the other furniture. Try to place the coffee table somewhere easily accessible from every spot on the couch. Round coffee tables are easier to navigate, but you may still need to add end tables to both ends of the sofa to accommodate for drinks and lighting features.

Finally, toss a few pillows in the mix to break up the color of the sofa, add layers to the room, and keep the room feeling cozy and comfortable.

Sectional Sofa- The Elephant in the Room

Photo: Edward Addeo; Designer: Frances Herrera

Where to Use them?

When placing your coffee table and other furniture, don’t forget about possible extensions of your couch. Leave enough space for footstools when fully extended. They should be out of the way to avoid tripping and not block any walkways or doors.

Traditional Sectional Sofa




You may be surprised, but, depending on the room, the center may actually be the best place for your sectional sofa. By placing your sofa in the middle of the room you can utilize open space, divide a room, and make certain each sofa seat is easily accessible. However, if your space is small, against the wall or window may be your best (or only) option.

Sectional sofas have a place in any living room, family room, media room, or man cave, but the same rules apply to each. Keep in mind your surroundings, be conscientious of other furniture, and avoid creating a fire hazard. Then pop up that reclining footstool, sink your head into a pillow, and relax. You may never want to leave your big comfy sofa elephant again!

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