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How to Treat Your Windows

Posted by admin on December 13, 2013
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This season, treat your windows to some tender loving care with new window treatments. And we are not just talking about curtains.


While window treatments do seek to protect privacy, insulate heat and cold, and filter light, theys also create an aesthetic décor to any room in your home.

Curtains are a popular window treatment many people have used in their homes, but the term “window treatment” has evolved to include sheers, drapes, cornices, blinds, shutters, and valances. These treatments can then be layered by incorporating one, two, or several into a window design plan.



Here are a few treatment combinations for you to try in your own home.

* Try layering light filtering blinds with a valance or window topper to soften the sharp lines or to add pops of a contrasting color.

* Consider using floor length curtains along with a cornice.

* Try a room-darkening shade to filter light along with sheers to let light in when you need it. Bring this arrangement together with a rich colored drape.

* For a simple look try a vinyl covering that mimics frosted or textured glass and creates privacy without hanging curtains.

All you need to start is a standard window. Add a basic treatment such as blinds, and then combine it with something less traditional like sheers.

There is always the option of forgoing traditional treatments altogether. There are no rules. And with hundreds of combinations that create different filters of light and design, there is something for everyone’s unique style concept.

Before selecting your window treatment consider your family’s needs, how light filters into the room, and the function of each room. Choose something that you find attractive. Try to coordinate the treatments with the rest of your decor, but that does not mean it has to match exactly. Sometimes, a window treatment is the ideal spot to add something different like a pop of color.



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