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Share your Elf on The Shelf Ideas and Spread Christmas Magic

Posted by admin on December 18, 2013
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Elf on the Shelf Tree Elf on the Shelf Flour Angel

It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of Christmas. We bake for hours, scrounge through stacks of advertisements to find the best deals, wrap gifts and mail packages, fight crowds and lines, make purchases and returns, and when it’s all over, we bake a little more.

It’s about time we took a little break from the hustle and bustle of holiday madness for a little Christmas magic.

Elf on the Shelf Reading

A new holiday tradition has evolved over the past few years, one that Bill Beazley Homes is extremely excited to participate in: The Elf on The Shelf. Inspired by a children’s book, The Elf on the Shelf is one of Santa’s extraordinary scouts, sent from The North Pole to help the big guy decide who is on the naughty and nice lists.

elf on the shelf mnm

elf on the shelf hammock

Elf on the Shelf snow

Once a family adopts an elf, which as most adoptions go must include a name, the elf is granted Christmas Magic and can fly back and forth between the home and the North Pole, but only as the family sleeps. When he returns to Santa, the elf eagerly relays messages of the family’s good deeds… as well as the bad ones.

We named our Elf on the Shelf Elfred! Hello Elfred!

We named our Elf on the Shelf Elfred! Hello Elfred!

final board

By morning time, before the earliest riser has awaken, the elf will have returned to his family abode and found a new spot to watch on or create mischief. Children (and adults) will love waking up to search for their elf each morning.

elf on the shelf stairs sled

There are only two rules for any family of an elf.

1.)   An elf cannot be touched for fear that the delicate Christmas magic will be lost.

2.)    The elf cannot speak or move while anyone is awake. He is a surveyor, carefully watching for signs of naughty or nice behavior.

elf on the shelf glass

Elf on the Shelf PaperChains Elf on the Shelf Zipline Elf on the Shelf Plant

From our photos you can see where Elfred has been adventuring at Bill Beazley Homes, but we are happily awaiting more suggestions from you! Which secret hiding spots in your home achieved the most laughs? Which ones got a smile? Did your elf ever have to leave for an extended period of time because of “naughty” actions? Share your stories. Nothing is more precious than the gift of time, and we would love to hear how your elf brings out the magic of Christmas in your home.

Final Sledding

Elf on the Shelf Bath Elf on the Shelf M&M

The Elf on the Shelf fosters a sense of childhood and holiday spirit. Start your own family tradition today by finding an elf adoption center near you.

You can check out more places we found our Elf, Elfred, by visiting our Facebook and liking our page. We update it daily, so you can also receive great insight into home decor and building developments in the Augusta Metro area.

Bill Beazley Homes can be contacted at 706-863-4888

Elf on the Shelf fanMerry Christmas!

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