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Construction Quality Questions to Ask your Home Builder

Posted by admin on January 22, 2014
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Purchasing a new house can be quite overwhelming. With the amount of detail and work that goes into building a new house any number of things could be overlooked. Preparing yourself with questions regarding your potential purchase will save you money, while ensuring your future residence contains all of your desired features. Here are a few questions to help you along as you make your house a dream home.

homebuilder questions

– What is the builder’s history?


One of the first steps towards buying your dream home is choosing a builder that you can trust to carry out your vision. A builder’s history can be very informative and will help you understand their quality of work, amount of experience, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and their ability to execute your vision.


-What will the schedule be like?


Knowing when work will start and when you’ll be ready to move in will help remove any guesswork. It will also allow you to focus on the finer details of your home and allow for transparency during the building process. A schedule will allow you to see if things are going as planned or if they have fallen behind so you can adjust accordingly.

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-What exactly is included in the price of the house?


An attractive price does not always lead to the home of our dreams. A more affordable house may not come with features that you would expect to be standard, and the cost of added amenities could push the house out of your price range. Is lighting included? Landscaping? Sod? Garage Door Openers? Garbage Disposals? Blinds? Understanding what is included up front can help you decide if a certain house is right for you. It will also help you determine what design and style is best for your family’s essential needs.

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-How can I keep in contact with the builder?


The steps towards both buying and building a home can be long and complicated. A reliable method of communication between buyer and builder is essential to the process and will help to expedite the solution to any problems that may arise. It will also allow you to find answers when you need help and make your desires known.


-Who will be at the build site?


Finding out how long the a work crews already in place has worked for the builder can help you to ensure a level of professionalism regarding the building of your house, while at the same time protecting you from costs associated with insurance or workman’s compensation. You will also want to ask if you are allowed at the build site to oversee construction, and if you are allowed to bring anyone.


-How much experience does the builder have?


Learning about the amount of experience your builder has could help determine if a builder will be a good fit for your house. A builder with years of experience under their belt will be better able to handle any challenges that may arise during the building process than a builder that lacks in experience.


-What are the quality of the materials like?


Many different materials go into the building of a new home, and it’s okay to be unsure about what they may be. Asking your builder about the quality of materials used, or what certain materials are used for can help keep you involved in the building process.

Nine questions to ask home builder

– Am I able to make changes?


Ideas and opinions constantly change. Knowing you have the ability to make changes can help take the fear out of making tough decisions. The ability to make changes will allow you to experiment with different options until you decide on what the right choice is for your home.


-There is something I really want included in my house, how do I make that happen?


It’s the little things that really make a house a home. As a buyer you want to know how much a builder is willing to work with you when it comes to something specific you may want. Being up front and asking a buyer if they will be able to help accommodate you will let you know where you stand with your builder, who may even give you some tips based on their expertise.

9 questions to ask homebuilder

Finding a builder that is the right fit for your home is the key to ensuring your house becomes a dream home. There are many builders out there, but not all who will be able to meet your every need. Preparing yourself with questions and establishing what is most important to you are great first steps. Then determine where you can compromise and where you definitely can not. You are on your way to finding the perfect home builder for you.

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