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6 Tips to Create a Yoga Space at Home

Posted by admin on February 24, 2014
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Fitness club memberships are expensive, and let’s face it, with work, kids, and all life’s other little obligations who has the time or energy to make it to those 5am yoga classes? Not me, and not the thousands of people across the country who are opting to create their own yoga studios, right in their own homes. A home yoga space offers the same sweat and calorie burn without the private class price tag. Plus you get the added convenience of incorporating your practice into your everyday lifestyle.

All you need are a few simple components and you could be on your way to having your very own yoga haven.

First, you need the right location. No, you don’t need to take out a loan. No, you don’t need to covert your daughter’s bedroom or renovate your house. All you need is a spice of creativity and a little elbow grease and you can transform any corner of your home into a dedicated yoga studio. If you can, opt for a space with a window, so you can utilize as much natural light as possible.

Next, and possibly the most difficult task in this process: cleaning and clearing the space. If it helps, studies show that cleaning has many of the same stress relieving benefits as yoga!

Third, you are going to want some artistic inspiration. Whether it’s a photo of the ocean, an ohm symbol, or a Buddha, hang something calming to focus on during your breathing and stretching. You may also want to consider quotes or inspirational words for encouragement.


Fourth, you will want a yoga mat. Although it is not essential, it definitely makes things feel more legitimate. Keep your mat rolled out so it is available for you to strike a pose whenever you get the urge to stretch.

Fifth, toss in some comfy floor cushions to sit on during your meditation. If you have back pain, these can also come in handy during your stretching. The best part of pillows, however, is the post-yoga pillow sprawl. You deserved it!

Sixth, you will need some yoga mood music. Music is the perfect solution for meditation and blocking out unwanted, distracting sounds. There are hundreds of yoga playlists online and on i-tunes to choose from. But, it you prefer relaxing to the sound of the nature, invest in a sound machine. The rhythmic sounds of ocean waves can help you concentrate on rhythmic breathing.

Lastly, for those who are dependent on yoga videos, you may need a space to prop up your computer or television.

After that, it’s just adding the final touches to make the space reflect your own style. Select your favorite aromatherapy candle, or install a dimmer light to control the light setting. The best part about having your own yoga space is that it is your own to do with what your want. So have fun and add mementos that are meaningful to you such as photos, talismans, and your favorite plants.

There is nothing quite like experiencing the relaxing effects of yoga in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Remember, these options are all fully customizable. Your yoga studio should serve your own personal needs.

Happy Savasana!

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