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Decorate with Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by admin on March 6, 2014
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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and Bill Beazley Homes is getting into the lucky leprechaun spirit by decorating with green! But you don’t need a pot of gold, or shamrocks to decorate for this festive holiday. All you need is a little touch of green.

Green Decor

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Green is a great color. It is the primary color in the natural world, and when it is in your home, green radiates freshness and serenity. In addition, green comes in many different colors and will produce its effects without being too striking.

Decorate with green for st pattys

So why celebrate the color green just one day a year? Celebrate green all year round by following these tips on how to add a splash of green to your every day décor. The possibilities are endless.

Decorate with Seafoam Green

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Mint Green

Pale green walls create an airy and feminine feel of the room. Add a distressed or whitewashed piece of country-esque furniture to make the room feel even more relaxed.

Apple Green

Apple green paint emits a bright and energetic look. When combined with a touch of apple red the color really pops! Vibrant colors like this work best in the kitchen. For the rest of the hardware, keep things sleek and classic.

Decorate with Apple Green

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Emerald Green

Emerald Green gives a splash of personality. It is playful and regal at the same time. Try giving plain dining chairs a face-lift with a fresh coat of emerald paint and patterned seat cushions.

Pea Green

Pea soup green may not sound appealing, but with the right accents, pea green can have great appeal, especially in the bedroom. If you opt for a shade of pea green, go with dark wooden furniture to maintain those subtle accents and avoid washing out the room.

Key Lime

Just like the pie, Key Lime Green is simply delicious. When paired with a neutral foundation, key lime pops like your favorite dessert. Choose just a few key lime accents to keep the room well designed instead of contrived.

Decorate with keylime green

Image Credit: Flickr

Sea foam Green

Create a light and airy atmosphere in a room with charming sea foam green. This pale barely there green can actually stand out nicely when paired with white window trims and baseboards.

Forest Green

Inject rustic energy into a room with a natural forest green color. To keep the room from looking too camouflage, add a bit of navy blue into your decor.

More tips for working with green

Work from the bottom up

Are you looking for one big burst of green for your room, but don’t want to get too attached? Go with a rug. It is less expensive than other large furnishings and can be easily moved from room to room when you’re in need of a change.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Add or subtract green accessories from your room depending on how much green you want. It doesn’t take much to get a green fix.

Decorate with Green for St. Patricks Day

Flower power

Enhance the feeling of calmness and serenity in your room with a bouquet of green flowers. Adding flowers to a room is always an instant win. Plus the natural green colors in the stems will give your room a polished, fresh look.

Decorate with green plants for st. pattys


Bill Beazley Homes would like to wish their readers a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day!

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