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Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2014

Posted by admin on April 30, 2014
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Researchers anticipate that in 2014, more kitchens will be remodeled than any other room in the home. But as kitchen trends drift towards modern sleek designs, and technology driven appliances, you might be feeling a bit behind the times. Have no worries! Bill Beazley Homes has the recipe for designing a marvelously modern kitchen.

All you need are these 6 simple steps.

1. Blend Modern with the Past

With old world style finishes still popular, the aged-look can still have a place in our homes. However, the difference between 2014 and 2004 is that this old world style has been blended with modern innovations. Modern granite and marble countertops can take on a vintage appeal with beveled edges and details that resemble handcrafted sentiments of centuries past. In addition, modern kitchen faucets can look hand forged but also blend into traditional design with an industrial chic inspiration.

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2. Commercial Amenities

Quaint kitchens have their appeal, but the convenience of a commercial kitchen will not be overlooked this year. In 2014, the quaint and convenient will blend together, combining simplicity with material that is easily washable such as stainless steel. You will also see accessories such as colanders and cutting boards that fit seamlessly into the sink. With amenities such as these you will be looking like a master chef in no time.

kitchen trends 2014

3. Organization

This year’s modern kitchen will have special built-in cabinetry. These drawers will serve unique purposes such as storing bread and spices to keep them as fresh as possible or organizing cutlery trays, knives, and even aluminum foil. Additionally, you can have the option of moving the drawers to best serve you when you use the kitchen.

4. Eco-Friendly Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in ensuring your kitchen is safe and pleasant. A few years ago, pendants and under cabinet lights became modern day kitchen staples. Now add to that list the use of eco-friendly LED lighting inside cabinets, drawers, and below base cabinets. Placing convenient lighting in dark nooks and crannies is extremely helpful, especially when you have your hands full and don’t have time to reach a light.

5. Decorate with Decorative Tile

Like the sugar flowers on top of a cake, decorative tile is the perfect crowning glory to a dynamic kitchen. This year, expect innovative and iconic tile design such as Tiffany-inspired mosaics created from sheets of colorful, marbleized glass.

6. Embellish with Built-In Filtration Systems

Water filtration has become essential over the years as clean water becomes increasingly difficult to acquire. Eliminate the clunky add-on water filter with a filtration system built directly into the facet. With this handy modern tool, you can enjoy hot and cold filtered water while saving money and protecting the environment.

2014 kitchen trends

This is a wonderful design age for the kitchen. No doubt, we are likely to see even more innovations by the end of the year. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, which is why it is important that it reflects your personal style, as well as provides safety and convenience. As always Bill Beazley Homes will be here show you what is available today while keeping you clued into the trends of tomorrow.

To contact Bill Beazley Homes, a leader in home building and design, call 706-863-4888.

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