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Leading Energy Efficient Builder in Augusta, Georgia

Posted by admin on May 9, 2014
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Today’s modern home buyer wants the peace of mind of knowing their next home is a wise investment choice. This means not only obtaining a great home at a cheap price, but also obtaining a home that will continue to save them money and resources. Through energy efficient standards and eco-friendly appliances Bill Beazley Homes has discovered a way to provide all three to their clients. Their high performance, high quality homes offer families a healthier living space without sacrificing value.

Governors and legislators also recognize that energy efficiency is a critical state resource and every year states are ranked based on their policy and program efforts. In the 2013 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, published November 4, 2013, Georgia State scored higher than the neighboring states of Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Alabama in building energy codes and appliance efficiency standards. Georgia recognizes the importance of energy efficient buildings and makes a strong effort to improve their efforts each year. Bill Beazley Homes stays up to date with these efforts and in compliance through a program called REScheck. REScheck works by performing a simple U-factor x Area (UA) calculation for each building assembly to determine the overall UA of a building. Through this program Bill Beazley Homes has become the most energy-efficient builder in Augusta, Georgia.

Bill Beazley Homes Energy Efficient Builder

Bill Beazley Homes cares about the environment and their clients, which is why they consistently exceed the minimum requirements needed to pass state inspection. From their unique building practices to their array of money-saving features Bill Beazley Homes provides home owners with the highest-quality products designed to reduce their carbon footprint, lower overall waste and conserve water. These products include energy-efficient windows that cut heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%, ENERGY STAR® appliances that use up to 50% less energy and water, and Low VOC paints and finishes that dramatically reduce pollutants in the home.

Conservation efforts help us build responsibly and give back to the community. Bill Beazley Homes is a new home builder in the Augusta Metro area committed to creating stunning, low impact homes that deliver countless benefits for its occupants and the environment.

For more information about Bill Beazley Green Advantage Homes please call (706) 863-4888.

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