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Popular Architectural Home Styles

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014
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Home hunters in 2014 are looking for three main things: comfort, accessibility, and affordability. Open floor plans with a large focal kitchen are popular with families who use the kitchen as a multitasking space. In 2014 homebuyers will want more than a home; they will want an oasis where they can relax, “get away from it all”, and focus on bonding with their families.

As these trends surface two architectural home styles have emerged as front-runners of architectural design.


Architectural trends townhouse

Townhomes were introduced to North America in the early 19th century when space was limited and homes needed to be built quickly. Although they are mostly found in urban areas, nowadays townhomes can be found sprinkled across rural neighborhoods as well.

A townhome is characterized by its stacked and uniform appearance. There are typically several townhomes in a row with little or no space between them. But this can have its advantages. In recent years townhomes have become popular because, unlike condos, townhomes actually allow one to own the little patch of land their townhome sits on. And because that little patch of land is small, it is very easy to manage. Many townhomes even have homeowners associations who take care of that plot of land for you. For the elderly and even busy parents who have difficulty tending to large lawns, this can be quite a relief.

Another reason townhomes are gaining popularity is because of the community amenities they offer. Many townhome neighborhoods such as Cornerstone in Aiken, SC offer parks and recreational areas exclusively for their residents. Townhomes are also less expensive than freestanding houses or single-family homes. They are a great option for families because they offer a lot of the same options that you can find in a single-family home, but one will typically pay way less for it.

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Ranch Style Homes

home style architecture ranch home

Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s. They are re-emerging today as boomers seek more comfortable and accessible living. Ranch style homes also offer a range of benefits that appeal to families. For example, they can be packed with modern features and amenities and also fit within a buyer’s budget.

The ranch home is defined by a long, sometimes L-shaped, open house plan. They are almost always one story, making them easy to get around, especially for aging parents who have difficulty climbing stairs.

home style architecture ranch home

The inside of a ranch style house is designed to be spacious, and open. This makes them easy to clean and maintain which is great for on the go moms and senior citizens. And because the lawn is usually smaller it is quicker and easier upkeep.

In a rebounding economy, it is important to own a home that is affordable and a readily available on the market, and the ranch home is both. However, because it does have a sprawling layout, additions can easily be made at any time should the need arise.

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