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How to Achieve a Designer Foyer without the Designer Price Tag

Posted by admin on August 8, 2014
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We have all heard the phrase, “first impressions matter,” especially when being interviewed, selling your home, or meeting your significant other’s parents. Seven quick seconds is all it takes to make or break someone, so it is important to make each of those seconds count.

Good first impressions are so important that real estate agents encourage home sellers to spruce up their curb appeal in order to attract potential buyers. But the front yard isn’t the only place where a superb first impression makes a difference. Consider the foyer.

The entryway is the first glimpse visitors have into your home and making it look welcoming is easy. All you need is the right paint color, furniture, and décor. With these 6 easy steps you’ll learn just how to get a designer foyer without the designer price tag.

Step One: Creating a Focal Point

Foyers tend to be smaller areas of our homes, sometimes consisting of just a hallway. If you want to create a dramatic effect in a small space, you will need to create a focal point. This effect can be achieved by securing a grand mirror to the center of your foyer wall, or by adding an elegant sofa. You may also consider a bright paint color such as royal blue or garden wallpaper. If dark and dramatic isn’t your style, stick with a neutral wall color and add a pop of pizzazz with a striking piece of furniture or art.

Step Two: Incorporating Stripes

Stripes optically draw guests into the house and give them an inviting feel. Consider selecting an all-weather runner with stripes that lead into the main body of your home. Or, for a sunnier vibe, use tone-on tone striped wallpaper.

Step Three: Choosing a Table

Round tables with smooth finished edges help to break up the boxiness of the space. Tables can also provide extra storage space. By covering the table with a long clothe, you can conceal the underside of the table, leaving you with room underneath for umbrellas, shoes, and more.

Step Four: Adding a Vase

A large vase in the center of the table, preferably with color or pattern, adds height and interest. Add a marble vase for a neoclassical touch or a wooden vase for a more rustic appeal.

Step Five: Providing a Personal Touch

Your vase should be constantly stocked with flowers or branches that match the look and feel of your foyer. Then continue the homey touch by surrounding it with a few oversized books. An eye catching wall display will also engage visitors immediately. Frame unused pieces of wallpaper for an eclectic display or fill a series of shadow boxes with family memorabilia such as report cards, photos, postcards, and luggage tags.

Step Six: Including Decorative Elements

Display decorative elements like boxes, pillows, family crests, picture frames, candles, sculptures, and trays. The rule of thumb is no more than seven objects on a 48-inch round table. In a small space like the foyer, it is easy for things to appear crowded.

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