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10 Interior Design Rules You Should Break in 2015

Posted by admin on January 13, 2015
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At Bill Beazley Homes, we believe, every space should be as different as the person who inhabits it, forming to their unique style and individual preferences. As we break in this New Year, we’d like to share with you a few interior design trends that don’t necessarily have to be followed to a tee. In fact, we think these unwritten rules and interior taboos were meant to be broken! So leave your preconceived notions at the door as we fill you in on 10 interior design rules that you should break in 2015.

Rule 1: “Don’t Mix Old and New”

No one wants to feel like they have time traveled to another decade when they walk from room to room. So, don’t feel like you need to stick to a single style or period. Instead combine a little old and new by examining what period pieces you can incorporate with a few 21st century accessories. For cookie cutter spaces, stick to a neutral color scheme and mix in a few vintage flea market finds with your IKEA furniture.

Rule #2 “Paint a Small Space a Light Color”

Give your small room more depth by painting a wall dark. Just remember to balance it with reflective materials such as mirrors and metallic pieces. If you have a room with a single wall of windows, the dark accent color will even frame the light and showcase the view, giving the illusion of more space.

Rule #3 “Every Room Needs a Pop of Color”

We love accent colors and accent walls. However, don’t feel obligated to add color to a neutral room. Sometimes shades of gray and beige mixed with the right accessories and furnishings can create the same impact.

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Rule #4 “Don’t Mix Metals”

Add personality and dimension to your room by mixing cool metals like silver with warm metals such as gold or brass. While the old-school rule says it’s a no-no these metals can actually co-habitate nicely in any room.

Rule #5 “Match Your Wood Finishes”

Have some fun with your furniture and create subtle contrasts by varying the wood tones in your room. First you will want to consider your floor, the backdrop which all other wood tones will be set against. Then, limit your wood-mixing to two or three tones, and balance them throughout the space for a layered look.

Rule #6 “Don’t Mix Patterns”

Mixing patterns is all the rage on the runways as well as the interior design world. While there are no rules for this design technique, it may take some trial and error. Feel free to play around with scale, color, and geometry. To start, look for things such as stripes, checks, and animal prints that have a common denominator or choose colors opposite on the color wheel.

Rule #7 “Match Your Colors”

Like the rule above, there is no reason for matching colors in your space. Shades are bound to differ from pillow to carpet to curtains anyways. Save yourself the stress and make the mismatch intentional. Choosing fabrics and finishes in the same color family will help your room look put together, but not overdone.

Rule #8 “A Living Room Needs a Couch”

Having a livable space means creating a comfortable room that meets all your needs. This means that a living room doesn’t have to have a couch and kitchen doesn’t need a microwave. Consider your lifestyle before filling your room with things that you really don’t need.

Rule #9 “Every Window Needs a Window Treatment”

A solar shade is a great way to protect you and your belongings from UV rays, and curtains are needed to ensure you have privacy. However, if you are lucky enough to live on a high floor with a spectacular view there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bare window.

Design Rules


Rule # 10″Use Small Furniture in a Small Room”

A shoe box room doesn’t require shoe box-sized furniture. In fact, using a few large pieces in a small space can create the illusion of a bigger room. Compensate for large furniture by skipping or downsizing on something else, such as the coffee table or nightstand.

Design Rule: A shoe box room doesn’t require shoe box-sized furniture. In fact, using a few large pieces in a small space can create the illusion of a bigger room.

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