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Heat Up Your Dining Room with These Summer Decorating Trends

Posted by admin on July 17, 2015
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Looking to change up the look and feel of your home, without spending a fortune? How about adding some fresh and fun decor to the dining room. New decor is a great excuse to invite your friends and family over for a summer dinner party.

Bill Beazley Homes believes in keeping things simple in the dining room. There are five basics we like to stick with: the table, flowers, vases, lighting and dishware. Combine any of these elements or incorporate just one and let it take center stage. We’ll show you how heating up your dining room for summer can be easy and inexpensive with little to no work on your part with these dining room decorating ideas


The Table

Bill Beazley Homes believes that “less is more” when it comes to sprucing up a dining room table. This is after all where you want to eat, and any unnecessary decor will only clutter  the table and keep it from being functional. If the table you’re working with isn’t anything to brag about a tablecloth is an easy, inexpensive fix. You can add an instant punch of color to a table by getting a tablecloth with a smart, summery design. Sprawling a lovely linen across your table will give your dining area that perfect touch.


The Flowers

Flowers also offer a simple, festive, and inexpensive decor change. Faux flowers are easy and don’t require replacement, but fresh flowers provide a grander pick me up. For the look of luxury, choose orchids for your centerpiece. They can run more expensive than a typical bouquet, but you can find them locally at a florist or grocery superstore. Lilies, on the other hand, provide a crisp, clean look to a table and are more affordable.

The Vases

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of replacing a bouquet every few weeks, but still want to bring in an element of nature, filling vases is another great option. Fill a big, clear vase with lemons or limes for that pop of festive, summer-time color. This decorating tip works especially well when hosting parties with the vase acting as an accent piece for the rest of the decor. A bonus: lemons and limes are inexpensive and can be found in almost every grocery store.

For a beachy look, consider pouring real sand into a few of your smaller vases. No sand available? Use salt to give the illusion. Then, get creative and add shells, umbrellas, or other beach themed memorabilia to your terrarium.

The Candles

The advantage of using lanterns or candles as a centerpiece is that they don’t wilt and they are always around when you’re ready to set a table on another day.  They can also be used interchangeably throughout all four seasons. Flameless candles have become a new trend in homes. When you stand back at a normal distance these candles look very realistic because the “flame” appears to flicker and move around. Looking closer you can tell they aren’t real.  While these candles can be more expensive, they are much safer than regular candles and they are great to use in areas where regular candles won’t stay lit due to wind. You can also set them to come on at a particular time each evening. Another advantage to flameless candles is that once you buy them, you have them forever and can use them on several occasions throughout the year.

The Dishware

Dishware should complement the decor not clash, so if you choose to center your table with a lemon filled vase, choose to pair it with lemon-colored dishware. Sand-filled vases pair well with aqua and navy blue colors and classic white lilies and fancy orchids will look gorgeous next to an all-silver set.

If you are planning a dinner party, keep in mind that the food you serve will also serve as its own decoration. If you have beautiful colorful food platter, don’t hesitate to let it take center stage.

Bill Beazley Homes keeps homeowners updated on all the trends of the season on their blog and Facebook page.

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