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How to Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall

Posted by admin on October 16, 2015
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Ever gazed in envy at those designer living room walls decorated with multiple pieces of art, like in a museum? Well your days of jealousy are over! There is no reason you can’t create a great looking gallery wall of your own without any expensive courses.

Once you have bought a few pieces of art that you love, then it’s time to curate them into a gallery wall. But what is it that really makes a great gallery wall?

In this blog, we will walk you through step-by-step on how to hang a beautiful gallery wall. With the right mix of art, prints, splurges, and flea market finds, you can cause a few envious head turns of your own.

Step 1: Create a Show-Stopping Center

When you begin planning your gallery wall, start with the largest piece first or pieces if they are a matching set. Building from the center out will create a focal point in the room and anchor the entire collection.

Choose a piece that feels commanding, and once you have found it, place it in the exact center of the wall at eye level . That’s where you’d usually be viewing the wall from. If it is an average sized room, you will want to aim for about 60 inches from the floor. In a larger room where the artwork is viewed at a further distance, the artwork may be hung higher.

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Step 2: Build Around the Center Symmetrically


Once you have your showstopper piece, pepper around it with other smaller pieces. Build around the centerpiece symmetrically, adding similarly shaped pieces on the right, then the left; the top, then the bottom. By keeping it symmetrical, you won’t get overwhelmed.

Keep in mind, the highest point of the gallery wall should be in the dead center of the collection, descending downward on either side like a mountain. Just make sure not to make this piece significantly higher than the rest, or else it could throw off the balance of the gallery.

Step 3: Plan Ahead

Most homeowners are against accidental holes in the wall (and for good reason), so it’s a good idea to plan ahead by clearing out space on your floor for arrangement. You may also try making templates of the frames and taping them up to make sure you like the composition. You’ll find that a lot of frames even come with the template already inside them.

Step 4: Mix It Up

A gallery wall is much more dull if everything is perfectly lined up and matching. Make your gallery wall more visually interesting by varying the heights, orientation, and compositions in the collection.

Don’t restrict yourself to just photographs and artwork either. Anything can go on a gallery wall, including monogrammed letters, clocks, or shelves with model cars. The more different mediums of art you include, the better.

If you’ve got an even number of pieces, take one away or add something, because the best gallery walls come in odd numbers. You’ll also want to hang both vertical and horizontal oriented pieces.

Step 5: Reflect Your Personality

A gallery wall should reflect the owner’s interests. For example, if the owner is a musician, the gallery might include antique sheet music. If the owner is a bit whimsical, it might include a case with model cars. Just remember to keep in mind the golden rule of symmetry when integrating oddly shaped pieces into your gallery wall. You’ll need something to even out on the other side. It doesn’t have to be an identical item, but it should be something roughly the same size.

Step 6: Frame It Right

It is possible to create a great looking gallery wall with all-matching frames, but it’s not necessarily better. In fact, a collection of different frames can look far more interesting. One way to help make a collection look cohesive and still high-end is to keep the frames within a single color palette. BUT don’t get OCD about it. Give yourself some room to bring in small hints of other colors.

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