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When Moving Into A New Home

Posted by admin on April 3, 2017
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It is so exciting to move into a new home. You dream about it. You plan for it, and finally the moving day comes. However, once all the boxes are moved in and you are actually in your new home, there sometimes is mixed emotions. The excitement is still there, but you can also feel overwhelmed, and like you are not at HOME.


No matter how excited you may have been to finally move into your new home, the first few weeks will probably feel a little foreign to you. We understand that so here are a few tips that we think can help make you feel a little more comfortable while living among the boxes and in a new environment.


Recreate Familiar Sounds and Sights

Make it smell and sound like home. Hang up your old cuckoo clock, play music or turn on your air purifier to add those familiar sounds. Light candles or spray your favorite air fresher to make it smell like what your used to. This will help the kids and especially the pets be more at ease.


Get Your Beds Made

Nothing feels as nice when you are exhausted form a day of hard work that to get in your pajamas and snuggle in your own bed. So get the beds put together and made.


Get Your Closet Organized

Hang up your clothes and get your closet organized. The more you can get put up and out of sight the better off you’ll be. It’ll be easier when you are trying to wet dressed if you know where your clothes and accessories are. Plus, it’s less you’ll have to unpack later.


Make the Kids’ Rooms a Priority

Having your kids happy is a BIG deal. So, make it a priority to get the kids’ rooms set up. That will make them more at ease and give them a place to retreat to allow you to work on the rest of the house.


Wait to Hang Pictures and Art Work

Don’t try to decorate right away. Wait until you are sure of where you want to put things. Don’t hang pictures just to get them out of the way or unpacked. Give yourself some time to get a feel for your new place and exactly how you want to decorate. You’ll be glad you did!


Hopefully, you will be feeling right at home within a week or two.


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