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Why Choose Flat Countertops?

Posted by admin on August 24, 2018
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Having the opportunity to customize your home is a dream come true. At the same time, it can be quite overwhelming. It seems that there is an overload of information, suggestions and ideas these days. From home improvement shows and magazines to Pinterest, it is easy to be confused and indecisive on the best choice for your home.

One aspect of customizing a home is choosing the right kitchen counters. Design is everything to a homeowner and there can be so many choices for backsplash, finish, color – the list goes on. Consider these reasons for deciding on a flat countertop kitchen island instead of a leveled one:

Seating is easier to find

  • With a raised countertop kitchen island, you may spend extra time searching for higher bar stools for guest seating. If you go with the flat top, stools at a lower height will be more popular in stores and online and may come with a lower price tag.


  • When having friends and family over for parties or gatherings, the flat countertop concept can be easier for displaying food and drinks. It makes for a smooth buffet line and the single level of everything leaves more openness for everyone to enjoy the spread.


  • There is much more room on a flat countertop island to prep and make dishes. Homemade pasta, for example, requires a decent amount of space with the tools and materials needed. A flat counter is perfect for this because you can lay out all of your materials with easy access.


  • The crafter in the home will love these counters because it is easy to see all supplies when they are laid on to one flat surface.


  • Students will appreciate a large space to lay posters, books, and papers when completing schoolwork and other projects. The same applies for those who may run a business out of the home and need a good spot to look at paperwork.

Motivation to stay clean

  • Raised counters make it very easy and tempting to conceal dishes, soap, and anything else on the lower level where guests may not see. With a flat top, you are encouraged to cut waste and reduce the amount of items laid out around your kitchen and go for a more sleek look!

So many tips, tricks and trends on how to design a custom home can quickly cause stress and exhaustion. Hopefully, these points will help your decision for your kitchen design. Remember, less is more!

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