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What To Do with That Unused Room

Posted by admin on September 13, 2018
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An additional room in new homes is absolutely a plus when buying, but can easily stump you once you have moved in. Maybe you’re an empty nester and all of the kids are off at college so you need to repurpose their room, or maybe you are trying to decide between an office for you or playroom for younger children. Whatever the situation is, planning a new room takes some thought and creativity. Here are some ideas and tips on how what to do with an unused room in your home.

Closet Addition

If you have a small spare room that is close to the owner’s suite and could use more closet space, see if you could knock out a wall to convert the room into a dream closet. Add plenty of shelving and racks yourself or call in a professional shelving and organization company to do the work for you. This is perfect for older, smaller homes where you don’t have quite enough space but you don’t need a whole extra room anymore.

Play Room

If you have smaller children at home and feel like you’re drowning in toys, that extra room is the perfect space to store everything. It also makes for an easy way to make the house appear more put together when you can just shut the door and all of the toys are hidden. Get a shelving unit with fabric cubes for quick and easy storage. This room is a great spot for the biggers toys, too, such as play kitchens and music sets.


Work-from-home jobs are more popular than ever today. If you have the space to convert an extra room into a home office, go for it. This will create a separate space from your home and family areas to focus completely on business. It can be customized to your liking with a desk, computer, file storage and decorations for ultimate productivity.

Additional Dining Space

Are you an entertainer who is constantly hosting family gatherings or groups of friends? Maybe you can turn the spare room into an extra dining room. Replace the doors with glass doors or take them off completely and lay down some laminate or hardwood if there is carpet currently. It is a great option to consider if your home is the designated spot for Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings where plenty of seating would be needed. You could even combine this with the playroom idea for the ultimate “kids table”.



With wall-to-wall shelving and cozy lighting, the spare room would make the perfect library/study area. If you are a bookworm and crave some quiet time, add a couch or some comfortable chairs for a spot to drift away into your favorite book.

As you can see, there are quite a few possibilities when it comes to re-doing your spare room. With these tips, you’re on your way to truly making the house feel like a home.

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