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6 Closet Organization Hacks

Posted by admin on September 14, 2018
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The seasons are slowly starting to change, which means a change for your wardrobe too. Now is a good time to re-organize the closet and pack away all of the summer clothes and accessories. Check out these organization hacks to make your wardrobe transition a breeze.

Add Levels

Adding some extra shelving can be a lifesaver for the homeowner who has a ton of jeans and pants that don’t need to be hung. It helps to break up the space and stacking these items will save huge amounts of space.

Install a Bookshelf

If your closet is large enough, a bookshelf is a creative use for more storage. It makes for a great place to keep shoes and purses so they won’t lose their shape. You can even add different colored fabric cubes to spruce up the design.

Shower Hooks on a Hanger

Take a pack of plastic shower rings and attach them to a hanger. This is an easy way to minimize the amount of space that tank tops and camisoles take up. These tend to be a year-round item that need to stay at the forefront of your closet, so having them all in one spot will make outfit choices that much easier.


Installing a pegboard inside the closet or on the back of the closet door is a genius idea for organizing jewelry and scarves. You can add as many or as little pegs as you please and guarantee that all of your accessory choices will be neatly displayed for a quick way to tie the whole outfit together.

Turn Hangers Around

This is a tried-and-true hack for decluttering your closet. Now is a great time to start with old clothes coming back out and a new year quickly approaching. Turn all of your clothing items the same way. Once you wear something and put it back up, switch the direction of that hanger. After a period of time (3 months, 6 months, you choose!), any clothes that are still hanging in their original direction can be donated.

Belt Rod

If you collect a large amount of belts and ties, installing an extra rod is the way to go. Try a towel rack or short bar in the back of the closet and add S-hooks for a quick way to hang belts and ties in one spot.


Hopefully these tips and tricks will make organizing your closet much easier this fall!

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