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Re-thinking the Garage

Posted by admin on November 15, 2018
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Garages are most commonly known for storing cars, of course. But if your home is limited on space and you are looking for an easy way to better utilize what you have, consider using the garage if you don’t need it for vehicles. The possibilities can be endless if you choose to think outside of the box (or garage)!


Personal Gym

A popular use for garages is an exercise spot. It is the perfect amount of space to keep equipment and is more convenient keeping larger, louder pieces out of the house. Electric fans can be added to keep the space cooler and a nice floor mat can be added over the concrete. Even if you do still need the garage for vehicles, large equipment can be pushed to the side when not in use.


Craft Room

Moms who enjoy craft time with their children or those who own a creative business from home may enjoy a separate space of their own in the garage. Installing additional shelves and cabinets creates much-needed storage and an art table for little ones is great for making messes without having to worry about keeping floors clean in the home.


Drop Zone/Mud Room

This is an idea that won’t take up the whole garage, just a wall near the door. If you don’t have space for a drop zone in the house but still need one, add it to your garage where everyone stops before walking in. Add some hooks for coats and bags, and shelves to leave shoes or muddy boots.


Organized Cleaning Storage

The garage can be a great place to keep cleaning supplies and solutions, especially if you have little ones. Keeping these items out of the home will keep them out of danger, so it is a win-win. Install extra shelves or cabinets close to the home entrance in the garage to keep cleaning items handy and hang brooms and mops nearby. This is another one that won’t take up all of the garage space, but will definitely save space in the house.


These are a few ideas for simplifying your life and maximizing use of the existing space you have! Remember to get creative and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in your garage.


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