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Christmas Home Decor

Posted by admin on December 18, 2018
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If you haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet, now is the time to get started! December is upon us and a cold front is coming through the area this week. It’s the perfect opportunity to put on those cozy socks, make a cup of hot cocoa or cider and let the joyful holiday spirit fill your home. We have come up with a few simple ideas to get you started.


Choose a color scheme.

When deciding on holiday decor, be sure to go with a streamlined color scheme. There are millions of ideas and decorations sold and it can be easy to get lost in buying one thing here and another there, all to find that nothing looks coordinated once you stage it all. Some color ideas include the classic red and green, an elegant white/silver/gold combo, or rustic plaids and dark greens.


A little garland goes a long way.

Pick up a few plain pieces of green garland and be amazed at the perfect touch it will add to the home. It can be wrapped around the front porch, stair banisters, displayed on the mantle and more. Add a few bows or ornaments from your color scheme of choice to tie the look together.


DIY: Cone trees

An easy craft that will be fun to incorporate with your children is making paper cone trees. Simply take some paper or cardstock and roll it into a cone, securing with glue or tape. Cover them in paint, glitter, pom-pom ornaments, or anything you desire and place them on display throughout the home. For an extra touch, poke or cut some holes throughout and add an artificial tea light underneath for a soft Christmas glow.


Display cards from loved ones.

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to send photo cards with yearly recaps and bring a smile to your home. Keeping them on display during Christmas will make guests feel loved and welcomed. One great idea for displaying these cards is taking some cork board tiles and painting them with Christmas colors or tacking on some patterned fabric to fit the theme.


Put on some Christmas music.

It is very easy to get ready for Christmas when the music matches the mood. When getting all of your decorations prepared, play a happy playlist that brings some holiday joy.


These are just a few of the millions of ideas around to get your home ready for Christmas. Remember to slow down and take in the joy of the season and don’t allow it to stress you out! Happy Holidays!

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