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Posted by admin on January 22, 2020
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DIY Dog Washing Station

DIY Dog Washing Station

        Are you or the kids tired of sharing bathtub space with your furry family member(s)? If so, a dog-washing station could be the answer. Dedicated areas for dog washing have been a rising trend in new homes over the past few years, but can easily be added to your existing space as well. Check out how to create your very own dog washing station here:

        First, you’ll want to set aside a space in your home that already has existing plumbing in order to save money, time and stress. This can be a laundry room, mud room, basement or garage. A utility sink can also be easily converted into a washing station if you’re looking to save more time and money.

        If you’ve never installed a tub, sink or shower by yourself before, you’ll want to enlist the help of an experienced friend or family member. Otherwise, it may be best to hire a plumber to help get the job done.

        One major benefit of making your own dog-washing station from scratch is that the design possibilities are endless. You are free to choose everything from the location to the tile. You’ll also want to be sure to choose a detachable showerhead, which makes rinsing easy and provides more control with water pressure. Install a small shelf as well to easily store their shampoo and brushes.

        Non-slip bath appliques or mats are a good idea to include so that your pup doesn’t slip and fall, but rather can stand with confidence during their bath.

        Leave enough space surrounding the station for the inevitable “shake” after each bath. If you’re scared of something being damaged from a large splatter of water, move it to another area. You want your pet to have an open space where messes won’t be an inconvenience.

        A drying rack is another important factor in your new dog washing station. Install a few hooks for large towels to easily dry off your pet after washing.

        While it may require a bit of extra work and money, having a dedicated space to clean your pet will pay off in the long run. Make them feel like part of the family by making this all for them and customize it to both of your needs!

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