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Posted by admin on April 9, 2020
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Tips for PCSing to Fort Gordon

One of the fastest growing military bases in the United States is Fort Gordon, just outside of Augusta, Georgia. Relocation due to the military is one of the most stressful life events a person or family can go through, so read up on how to become more familiar with the area to make your PCS to Fort Gordon a little easier. 

The local Augusta area is referred to as the CSRA, or the Central Savannah River Area. This is because the Savannah River runs through the city, which is a beautiful spot to visit for walks, bike rides, picnics or any outdoor adventure. 

One of the biggest things to know about the Augusta area is that it is home of the yearly Masters Golf Tournament, typically held during the first week of April. This is spring break for school-aged children where the majority of locals leave the area to make room for tourists. This is the golf world’s biggest tournament and is the one week each year where Augusta locals can truly take pride in their city. 

The head of installation housing on base is Balfour Beatty. However, a majority of soldiers and their families live off base. There are multiple neighborhoods in surrounding Richmond and Columbia Counties with excellent school zones for children. Bill Beazley Homes is proud to have numerous communities near Fort Gordon, the closest being Haynes Station just outside of Gate 2. 

Fort Gordon has long been known as the Home of the Signal Corps, but the new cyber branch is shifting the base’s reputation to the Signal Center of Excellence as well as the Cyber Center of Excellence. 

The weather around Fort Gordon is typically hot and humid. This is why it’s beneficial to be in a home or neighborhood with a pool. Don’t expect to adventure too much during the hot summer months unless it’s for a swim or boat ride out on the lake! 

Augusta is a small town with big-city growth. Fort Gordon is a unique base to be stationed at and you’ll quickly come to enjoy the area after spending a little time here! 

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