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DIY Advent Calendar

Posted by admin on November 30, 2020
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DIY Advent Calendar 

Advent calendars of all sorts can bring joy to both children and adults alike every holiday season. Whether they are filled with beverages, trinkets, books or even the classic little chocolates, they are something to look forward to during each day of Advent and a tangible way to remember the celebration. 

Ever wonder where the advent calendar began? On the liturgical calendar, it starts four Sundays before Christmas. Originally, Christians would keep track of the days by making chalk marks on their door and rubbing them off one by one. Candles and small religious pictures were also used to mark each day of Advent. The first modern version of the advent calendar was produced in Germany in the early 1900s. Production was halted when WWII started, since the production of paper, cardboard and chocolate were limited. Today, advent calendars contain all sorts of different items. 

If you are looking for a DIY version of an advent calendar, here are 3 different versions for children and families of all ages to enjoy. 

For the little ones, take 24 small gift boxes (jewelry or trinket sized). Place them inside of a larger box- you can glue the backs of them for a better display. Place a small toy in each box. Think costume jewelry, toy cars, play dough, candy, or any other small gifts that may fit. Let them open a different box during each day of Advent. 

Tea or coffee would be a great idea for a DIY adult version of the advent calendar. You can take small boxes just like the kids’ one and look for a variety of different tea bags, coffee pods or miniature bags of coffee. Every day is a chance for a new sample flavor and some winter comfort mixed in! 

A calendar that the whole family can enjoy is an “acts of kindness” advent calendar. Glue or tape envelopes to a poster board and hang it on the wall. Each envelope contains a different act of kindness to complete that can bring extra joy to the holiday season. Think paying for the person behind you in a drive-thru, giving each family member a compliment, completing an extra chore- the list goes on. Even being kind to yourself for a day can make an impact. 

Try one (or all) of these ideas this Advent season and remember the reason for the celebration while enjoying fun new treats! 

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