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Flag Day

Posted by admin on June 4, 2021
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Flag Day

        The United States Flag Day is June 14. When the American Revolution began in 1775, there was not a single flag for colonists to fight under. However, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in June of 1775 to create the Continental Army and aimed to create a more organized battle against colonial oppressors. At that time, a flag consisting of 13 red and white alternating stripes with a Union Jack in the corner was created. Essentially, it was the first “American” flag. However, some thought it was too similar to the British flag that was being fought against.         

        Because of the similarities, George Washington wanted to create a new symbol of freedom to build confidence in Revolutionary War efforts. While the Articles of Confederation were being written in June of 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution stating that the United States flag would be 13 alternating red and white stripes with 13 white union stars in a blue field to represent a new constellation.

        There is a widespread belief that Betsy Ross helped design the first American flag when she was repairing uniforms and sewing tents to assist during the Revolutionary War. However, it wasn’t until 1870 when her grandson recounted her possible role in its design that she received any credit for it. There is no solid historical evidence that Ross actually made the first American flag.

        More than 100 years later, President Woodrow Wilson officially established June 14 as Flag Day. While it became official under Wilson’s administration, a small-town Wisconsin teacher named Bernard Cigrand is credited for having originated the idea of an annual flag day. He led his school in a formal observance of the flag on June 14, 1885. He promoted the concept and taught respect for the flag throughout his life.

        Today, Flag Day can be celebrated with parades, ceremonies, picnics, and military events. The colors are flown at all government buildings, although Flag Day is not counted as a federal holiday. The National Flag Day foundation is also in place to preserve the traditions, history and respect that are due to America’s symbol.


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