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Summer Daily Routines

Posted by admin on June 15, 2021
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How do you make the most out of long summer days? It can feel overwhelming to keep the creative juices flowing when it comes to finding things to do. If you have little ones home for the summer and need to keep them entertained, there is an added challenge. While lazy days are great, it’s important to stay on a routine for everyone to function well. 

First, see what changes are being made naturally now that the summer season is here. Are you eating dinner later since the sun is out longer? Plan pool times around that. It’s okay to have a “new normal” temporarily. 

Changing sleep times is okay as long as you’re still getting a healthy amount of sleep. It can be hard to start winding down at 8:00 pm when the sun is still out. Add blackout curtains to your room if needed to help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

If chores need to be completed around the house, try to dedicate some time in the morning to get them taken care of. That way, you can relax and plan more evening activities without having to worry about exhaustion at the end of the day when there are still things to be done. 

Daily routines and rituals can make a difference in your summer schedule for the better if they’re consistent. Choose certain days of the week to do certain things, such as going to the pool (weather permitting). 

The sun can be exhausting and a full routine can add to that. Mix new activities into your schedule gradually as opposed to creating a huge bucket list in the beginning of the season. 

No matter what you have planned for the summer, keep it all realistic. There is no need for a spreadsheet with every half-hour mapped out. Start out small and focus on a few things each day to keep your routine somewhat normal for the whole year. Although the days are longer, you can still find space to relax in the midst of all the fun and sunshine.

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