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Summer Emergency Kit

Posted by admin on June 15, 2021
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Summertime is full of fun, sunshine and adventures. However, emergencies can happen at any time and in any situation. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time instead of scrambling around in the event you’re stuck in a bind. Here are a few things to remember to include in your summer emergency kit: 

Pre-made First Aid Kit

If you don’t have a first aid kit on hand, look for a pre-made one at any big box store or pharmacy. These will contain small packages of antibiotic ointments, gauze, bandages and other necessary items should an injury happen. Look for something that comes in a sturdy container with extra space for any additions you need for it. 

Water Bottle

Water is always necessary to keep around to avoid dehydration, but it is also important to have for cleaning out wounds to prevent infection. If you’re out on the beach or on a hike and someone gets scraped up, a water bottle can provide a quick cleaning solution until you’re able to get to a place to take better care of it. 

Antihistamines and Itch Creams

Bugs are out full-force during the warm summer months. Add itch creams and allergy medicine to your first aid kit in the event you get insect bites, hives or have a reaction to poisonous plants. 


If you end up outside longer than expected, you will need sunscreen. Keep it with you at all times as it is important to re-apply at least every 2 hours. 

Bug Spray

Keep a DEET insect repellent with you to help prevent bug bites, especially on little ones. 

Flashlight or Headlamp 

If you are out at night or lose power in your home for any reason, make sure there is a flashlight readily available to help you navigate. If you have an evening hike or trip planned, this will come in handy. Find something with reliable battery power so there are no worries of losing light. 

Clean Towel 

Keep a clean, high-absorbency towel with you to easily set up a care area if an injury occurs. It can also come in handy for simpler issues such as spills in the car. 

Spare Tire

If you are on vacation away from home, it would be highly inconvenient to experience any vehicle issues. Flat tires can happen anywhere at any time, so keep a spare tire in your trunk in case of emergency. 

These are a few basic necessities to get your summer emergency kit started. Don’t be caught off guard and be ready for any situation that may come your way!

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