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Posted by admin on July 9, 2021
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Grey is a classic color choice when it comes to decorating homes. It can be as muted or bold as you like and can achieve a cozy, yet classic look. It is an easy way to set the palette for a room without using plain white. Here are a few design ideas to consider when using grey in your home: 

Layer it Up

Using just one shade of grey can make a room feel dull. Instead, give it some depth by using various light and dark tones. If you have light grey walls, a dark charcoal-toned couch could anchor the room and give it a focal point. Add a grey striped throw blanket for some dimension. 

Bring in Some Plants 

Houseplants bring natural color and interest to an otherwise simple room. A large fiddle leaf fig will stand out beautifully against a dark grey wall while smaller succulents placed around the room will give it a small pop of color and a rustic feel. 

Couple it Up with Pink 

A cool grey and blush pink will give an airy, romantic feel to the room. The decor options may range from blush throw pillows to a grey coffee table with pink roses resting on it. It’s hard to go wrong with this light and neutral color combo. 

Grey Windows

If you want to add grey to a room without fully committing to painting the walls, accenting the windows is an easy and bold compromise. Paint the window frames any shade of grey you prefer and watch it bring out the other colors you have decorating the room. 

Brighten it Up with Metallics

If you have grey walls and/or grey furniture, metallic metal accents are a fun way to add some shine. A gold floor lamp or gold decor accents can go a long way in an otherwise plain room. Coordinate these accessories with the rest of your color palette to make sure that everything blends beautifully while brightening up the room. 

Simplify with White

You can never go wrong with a classic white and grey combo. Install airy white curtains against a light grey wall. White shelving and cabinetry also give a crisp, clean look when paired with grey paint or furniture. 

There are a ton of possibilities when it comes to using grey in your home. Be sure to look at a variety of shades and think about how the lighting will affect the tones you use. 

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