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End of Summer Home Maintenance

Aug 23, 2021

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As summer starts to wind down and everyone prepares for the back-to-school madness, there are important home maintenance items to remember that will keep your home in the best condition possible. Give these areas some special attention before early fall activities occupy your time. 

  • Clean the gutters. As the weather heads into fall, you’ll want to remove leaves and debris to prevent damage to the home. Summer thunderstorms can clog them with debris and lead to costly repairs, so avoid the problem before it begins. If you don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters or heights aren’t your thing, call a professional to help out. 
  • Change your HVAC filters. This should ideally be done monthly, but if summertime has kept you busy, here’s your reminder! This will keep the unit running efficiently and ensure that the air works the way it’s supposed to. 
  • If you have a basement, check it for cracks or leaks. If issues arise, be sure to repair them immediately to avoid water damage to the home. 
  • Check the weatherstripping on all outside doors. Keeping them properly sealed and insulated is an important factor in avoiding drafts as the weather starts to cool down. 
  • Clean your outdoor garbage bins. While it isn’t the most pleasant job, it’s necessary to prevent rodents and insects from taking over your property. Hose them off quickly while you are taking care of the lawn or washing your car one day. 
  • Inspect and clean any patio or deck areas you may have outside. They tend to get extra use during the summer, so restore them back to good shape before the weather cools down. It may be beneficial to apply a sealant to outside wood to prevent weather damage. 
  • Clean and store any pool or water toys. As the swimming days come to a close, dry off any water equipment and safely store it in the garage or attic to be ready for next summer. 

All of these tasks are important to pay attention to and it is best to complete them before temperatures start to drop. Make sure your home is ready for cooler weather both inside and outside by following these tips.