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Fire Pit Safety Tips

Aug 23, 2021

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One of the simplest joys of summer time is gathering around a fire pit in the backyard with friends and family. Before you light it up, keep these safety tips in mind to avoid a catastrophe: 

Keep an eye on wind conditions. 

Check your local weather forecast to see if the day is more windy than usual. Wind can make it hard to light the fire and sparks could blow around to surrounding brush and structures, which is definitely a fire hazard. Look at the direction of the wind as well and make sure you sit on the upwind side of the pit to stay away from smoke. This is where a portable fire pit comes in handy as you’re able to move it to a more convenient spot if needed depending on the weather. 

Build the fire in the open.

Never light your fire pit underneath a building overhang or under trees. Keep the area around the pit clear of any debris from yard waste and other flammable materials. If sparks were to blow out and ignite surroundings, you’re in for an emergency. 

Avoid burning construction lumber. 

No worries if you want to use the sawed off branches from a damaged tree in your backyard, but always avoid construction materials such as plywood or pressure-treated boards and posts. These materials have chemical resins and other substances that will release toxic fumes when burned. Instead, use seasoned hardwood kindling and logs specifically made for fires. 

Be prepared to extinguish flames. 

The glow and warmth of a fire can bring comfort and joy, but it can also be a destructive force in an instant. If you’ve taken the necessary steps to avoid wayward winds and clear the space where your pit will be, you’re unlikely to encounter any serious issues. However, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby and/or a fire blanket if there is a need. If there are children around, teach them the “stop, drop and roll” method to be prepared for the worst. 

Avoid placing chairs too close to the fire. 

During s’mores season, you may be tempted to inch a little too close to the flames and potentially risk damage or injury. Keep all chairs at a safe distance and use extra-long skewers if needed to roast your marshmallows. 

Never leave a fire pit unattended when in use. 

Be sure the fire is extinguished completely before heading back inside for the night. Even the tiniest spark leftover could pose a threat to your safety and your home. Make sure all sides of the wood you’re using have stopped burning completely before going inside. 

Keep your friends, family, and pets safe by practicing fire safety year-round when using your fire pit. Once you’ve taken the necessary precautions, kick back and relax for a glowing evening!