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2020 Color Trends

Feb 26, 2020

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An important factor of interior design is color. Whether it be paint choices, upholstery, or other decor, color is something to be carefully considered when designing any room in the home. Here is a quick glance at the color trends you can expect this year.


The gold-toned neutral hue has been a long-standing classic among design color choices. The warm, natural shade is replacing cool greys that have been popular over the past few years. Champagne gives more of an earthy feel and makes a room feel calm. To add interest to a room, explore metallic gold or rose gold fixtures and textured decor.

Navy Blue

This timeless classic has been loved in the design world for years. Reminiscent of a night sky, a rich navy will pair beautifully with most neutral hues or bold pops of color. Think navy couch with peach throw pillows or navy kitchen cabinets with brushed silver fixtures.

Sunshine Yellow

Nicknamed “the color of optimism”, yellow will instantly give life to a dull room. It should be used in moderation though, as too much yellow can be overpowering and busy. Try using yellow in a baby nursery or as an accent to your workspace.

Olive Green

This natural green is standing strong in color trends. It is bold, yet subdued enough to be painted onto walls and also makes for a great furniture color among neutral whites and beiges.

Light Pink

This whimsical alternative to beige doesn’t have to be confined to girls’ nurseries. It can be a refreshing change to the living room or kitchen. It would also fare well in a guest bathroom with golds and florals.


Greys have gained popularity in recent years, but mainly with lighter paint colors. Dark shades are a bold risk but a risk worth taking. Charcoal is a chic color that can be used in almost any room of the house. It is a great shade for staple pieces of furniture as well such as dressers or accent chairs.pan>