2021 home design trends banner

2021 Home Design Trends

Feb 18, 2021

2021 home design trends banner

For home buyers and builders alike, 2020 shifted priorities drastically in what to look for in a new home. With so much time being spent at home, it has become more important than ever for a homeowner to be satisfied with their space. Whether you are working with a homebuilder on a semi-custom home or remodeling your existing space, here are a few trends to consider this year: 

Dedicated Home Office

The pandemic caused a great number of employees to begin working from home, and some have moved into a permanent work-from-home position after seeing that it was possible. The home office has been one of the most prevalent design trends and employees are coming up with creative solutions to have a place to get work done other than the kitchen table. 

Delineated Spaces

Open floor plans are still near the top of the list in terms of popularity, but homeowners are now looking for a little more personal space after spending so much time in the house with the same people. A cozy shared living area is great, but it’s also good to carve out a space for time to yourself. One way to accomplish this is to install a sliding partition or door in one of the main areas of the home or carving out a cozy nook for reading and studying. 


Bringing nature inside of the home has helped brighten moods everywhere for those who haven’t always been able to get outside. Whether you have a green thumb or opt for faux plants, the greenery and botanicals will instantly freshen up your space. 

Wood-grain Kitchen Accents

Organic design materials are resurfacing, especially in the kitchen. Natural wood countertops or cabinets bring a minimalist style and help homeowners connect with nature. A wood-grain countertop is a great contrast to bold colored cabinets. 

Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

Spring and summer are ideal for outdoor dining. Outdoor fireplaces, grills, refrigerators and furniture make the perfect setting for a quiet meal at home with friends or family. An outdoor kitchen can be elaborate or modest depending on budgets, but is guaranteed to bring fun and variety to the home either way. 

Since we have all spent a great deal of time at home within the last year, there are plenty of areas in the home that can be improved to better fit your lifestyle. Research the best options to fit your budget and desires to make your home better!