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5 Myths to Bust About New Homes

Jan 22, 2020

5 myths about new homes banner

        When you start thinking about buying a new construction home, you may get some push back. People may assume certain things as fact when they have not researched themselves. These are 5 of the most common myths against buying a new construction home and how we have busted them.


Myth 1: You have to be rich.

        For some reason, people tend to think of lavish custom mansions when the words “new construction” are used. However, that is far from the truth! Many new homes on the market are extremely comparable in price or slightly higher than existing homes. The benefit is having warranties on everything vs. saving up for additional repairs or remodeling in an existing home.


Myth 2: It’ll take forever.

        You may have the idea that building a new home could take up to a year or longer. False! Efficient construction companies like ours can complete a new home within 4-8 months. With the pre-existing floor plans we offer, this timeframe could be even shorter.


Myth 3: It’s just too stressful.

        When you choose to work with an experienced home builder, you’ll learn that a lot of the heavy load is off of your shoulders. Seasoned designers and customer care representatives are there to help you every step of the way to make custom decisions easier.


Myth 4: You have to find land in the middle of nowhere.

        When working with a quality home builder like Bill Beazley Homes, you have a variety of modern neighborhoods in flourishing cities such as Evans, Grovetown and Aiken, just to name a few.


Myth 5: All builders use cheap materials.

You get what you pay for with new home construction. Our builders use quality materials that are sure to last. This will be a home that your family enjoys for years to come, if not your “forever” home.  


Don’t allow the misconceptions of others to affect your decision in the home buying process. Sit down with our team today and let us bust these myths in person!