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5 Things Every Living Room Needs

Mar 24, 2020

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The living room is the main gathering place in any home. It’s where friends enjoy each other’s company, family members make memories and where you relax at the end of the day to catch your favorite show. Since it is such a frequently used room, it should be decorated accordingly with both style and functionality. What are some of the key items your living room needs to feel put-together? Here are 5 essentials to get you started.


Books are an excuse to have a stylish bookshelf. Built-ins are extremely popular right now, but a freestanding shelf is a good way to fill space as well. Books show a homeowner’s personality and are a great way to display your tastes. They will add height and texture to a bland space and can instantly become a focal point that may otherwise be overlooked.

Ample Seating

For the entertainer, seating is important. If your home is a gathering place, offer different areas of the living room for friends and family to mix and mingle. A large sectional with decorative pillows will allow for seating as well as poufs or ottomans that can be taken out and put away as needed. Extra seating doesn’t always mean extra space has to be taken up constantly!


A good piece of art should be a living room staple. Consider an original piece from a local artist to guarantee a unique piece of decor that not every living room will have. Invest in something that brings happiness to your home to enjoy for years to come.


You don’t have to create a full garden to enjoy plants in your home. A fiddle leaf fig in the corner of the living room will bring the perfect touch of color and is a trendy plant to have. Fresh flowers in a decorative vase on the coffee table are a great interchangeable piece of decor as well.

A Rug

Every living room isn’t complete without a stylish and properly sized rug. Make sure it’s large enough for the legs of your furniture to sit on top of so that the space is grounded and the room feels comfortable. It’s an investment that makes a huge difference in the overall atmosphere of the living room.

Take these tips to heart and create a living room space that will be memorable for everyone that sets foot in your home. Keep function and fashion in the equation and make your living room feel complete.pan>