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Aging in Place Features to Consider

May 19, 2020

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Aging in Place Features to Consider

Have you thought about long-term care when you grow older? Or do you have a loved one who owns a home and is facing what to do as they age? There are many reasons someone might want to stay in their own home, and luckily there are features available that could make that possible. The term for staying in your home as you grow older is “aging in place”. Here are a few ideas to help plan for that. 

Plan Ahead

It’s difficult to plan ahead because your needs could easily change. It is definitely important to have an idea of the different types of help you may want or need in the future. Consider whether or not you will need someone to live with you or someone that could come by daily to assist you with minor things. An aide like this could help with tasks such as washing your hair or getting dressed. 

One-Story Floor Plan

Owning a single-level home is essential if you are considering aging in place. Mobility issues may arise in the future, so stairs would be out of the question. If you are in a two-story home, be sure there is an owner’s suite on the bottom level or have one added on. A stair lift can be added too, if necessary. Look for a home that has a flat entrance as well with no steps. 

Wide Openings

In the event that more accessibility is needed in the future, wider doorways and hallways will be beneficial. Many builders include these in certain floor plans already, but you can also have the custom option for them when building. 

Comfortable Flooring

Choose a flooring material that isn’t too tough on the feet and joints. Floors with a rubber base are softer and easier to walk around on, though they can be on the higher end price-wise. Pick something that’s easy to clean as well. 

Bathroom Accommodations

Bathtubs can be harder to get in and out of as you grow older. This is where walk-in showers come in. There are special chairs for showers as well to ease discomfort. If you do have a tub/shower combo, be sure to have grab bars installed to prevent slipping. 

There are many factors to consider when planning to age in place. These are a few of the top, but be sure to weigh every possibility and decide what’s best for you and your family.