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Apps for New Homeowners

Sep 3, 2020

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A few short years ago, you would buy a new home and feel like you knew nothing once you moved in. It was much more difficult to find information and our phones were only good for making calls. Fast-forward to now and we have endless information in our back pocket. If you are looking for ways to make life easier as a new homeowner, here are a few apps to check out. 

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a popular “help finding” app that spans multiple services, most of which homeowners are able to utilize. With a total of over 700 categories, it contains various service providers such as roofers and plumbers that you can use as needed for your home. The amount of reviews available on the app also help you to see the good, bad and ugly of a business in question. It is free to use and is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. 


This is a budgeting app that will help you keep track of all of the finances related to your home. Not only does it help you stay up to date on bill payments and home spending, but it also automates home maintenance needs with tasks and deadlines. The app is free to download, but there is a premium version with more features for a monthly subscription fee. 


The Centriq app is a dashboard for home maintenance and appliance repair needs. It is a place to keep your appliance data together in the event that something goes wrong. This way, you’ll be able to easily look up your warranties and contact information for appliance companies. It also stores user manuals for the ability to troubleshoot issues at home before recruiting professional help. The app is free for iOS and Android. 


Think of LetGo as a yard sale you don’t have to wake up early and set up for. Chances are you acquired a good bit of clutter and discovered it during your move. If you are looking to start afresh in your new home, list some items for sale on the LetGo app. It is a free app to set up a virtual yard sale anytime you need. 


If you’re struggling with interior design in your new home, Homestyler can help. You’ll find advice on creating and designing DIY home projects and see how certain furniture or decor would look in your home by uploading photos of rooms and placing products around the room virtually. 

Being a homeowner comes with a great deal of responsibility, but these apps will help make some of those tasks a little easier. Download them today and continue learning about homeownership in a simpler way.