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Backyard Obstacle Course

Aug 13, 2020

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2020 has taken away a variety of our entertainment. Due to the unprecedented pandemic, people across the country are looking for fun ideas after trips and events have been cancelled. Not only have exciting plans come to a halt, but so has filming for a lot of live television shows. Sports and game shows that are typically done with crowds are unfortunately not an option until things settle down. To help pass the time, how about setting up a DIY obstacle course in your backyard? It will feel like your very own game show full of challenges and entertainment. Here’s how to get started. 

  • Create hurdles out of PVC pipes. Use ¾” pipes at various heights and connect with t-joints. You can also build the hurdles without securing the pipes so they can be moved around to better accommodate whoever is using them. 
  • Stepping stones can be made from scrap pallets. Various levels can be built with 2×4 legs attached to the bottom. An extra piece of plywood on top of the pallets will help distribute weight evenly and prevent feet from falling through the slats. 
  • Pressure treated wood cut into 12×12 squares or larger make great flat stepping stones for races. 
  • Place a 4×4 on across two other beams to create a balance beam section. Be sure to add the extra beams underneath, as one piece of wood on grass or dirt could be wobbly and cause injury. 
  • Tree trunks cut into smaller stumps are another great addition to the obstacle course. Younger children can weave in-between them while older ages can jump on top of them and hop to each one. 

Not only will a home obstacle course provide much-needed entertainment, but there are physical and educational benefits as well. It promotes exercise in children and can be a great substitute for P.E. class and recess if they are learning from home this year. It will also help with gross motor skills, agility and spatial awareness. Come up with a reward system or contest setting to make it more fun betweens siblings and friends! It is sure to become the talk of the neighborhood.