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Best Places to Hide Valuables

Feb 18, 2021

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It is possible that burglars could strike at any time. According to FBI statistics, burglaries accounted for about 18% of property crimes in 2017. Around 57% were from forced entry. It is a crime of opportunity, and they want to make a quick getaway with stolen goods. Valuables are usually stored in obvious locations which makes it easy for the culprit to get what they want quickly. To throw them off in the event they ever invade your home, consider these unlikely hiding spots for your valuable possessions:

Hollowed-Out Books

If you have a decent-sized book collection, valuables can easily be hidden behind them. A set of two or three books with no pages can easily cover small boxes such as jewelry or cash. Burglars don’t typically look through book collections as it is tedious and they want to be in and out without being caught. 

False Containers

These can be anywhere from your kitchen to under your bathroom sink. Think about fake food cans with an unknowing soup label attached or a shampoo bottle that actually contains valued treasures. You could even store some larger or heavier items in a decoy pet food container. 

Under a Trash Can

Burglars most likely won’t go searching through your trash for anything good. Store a few items under the bag liner or in a “false bottom”, such as a hollowed out portion with a piece of plastic over it that covers it up. 

Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil 

Storing important documents or cash in plastic wrap and foil in the back of the freezer are not only good hiding techniques, they can also keep these goods safe in the event of a house fire. 

Inside of a House Plant

Much like hiding something at the bottom of a trash can, faux house plants can double as storage. Goods can easily be hidden under a fake layer of soil. It’s unlikely that a burglar wants to run off with a large fiddle leaf fig. 

False Wall Outlet

Carve a spot in the wall for a fake outlet cover to lay, sans electrical wiring. This makes a great spot to stow away cash, jewelry, or important documents. 

Mundane Garage Boxes

A burglar will probably look past stacks of plastic bins labeled with things such as “Christmas decor” or “kids clothes”. They tend to be heavy as well, making it harder to get out quickly and quietly. This is a great way to store some larger valuables. 

For things that can’t be hidden away, such as tvs and computers, take the time to list them in your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is especially important if you don’t have a home security system that could capture footage of the crime. 

Also, don’t overshare on social media. If you plan on being away from home for a week or two, keep it quiet until you return. Information posted online can make your home an easy target for a thief. Take the necessary precautions to keep your home, valuables, and loved ones as safe as possible!