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Best Types of Firepit for Your Backyard

Jun 11, 2020

Backyard Fire pit banner


An outdoor fire pit is a great way to make backyard living spaces cozy in any season. You can roast s’mores, share stories and make memories with friends and family. In colder months, a fire pit can simply keep you warm while sitting under the stars. Here are 3 different types of firepits to consider when shopping for your home: 


Round fire pits are a bowl shape constructed from various metals such as bronze, cast iron or stainless steel. The bowl shape helps to radiate heat around the space and burns slowly for a lengthy time frame. Bowl pits also tend to be fairly portable, allowing for movement between different spots in the yard or transportation to a friend’s house for a gathering. 


Sounds a bit like chimney, doesn’t it? That’s because a chiminea is essentially an outdoor chimney or potbelly stove. It is enclosed with one opening in the front to pull air in and a top opening for escape. It is typically constructed of clay, ceramic or porcelain. 


A stone fire pit is a heavy, permanent structure that requires a good amount of space. It typically sits in the middle of a layer of paver stones and sometimes doubles as a bar or table when it is not burning. 

How do you know which fire pit to pick for your backyard? The first step is to assess the size of your outdoor space. It’s also important to factor in the budget and be sure not to overspend. Be mindful of accessories that any fire pit will need such as wood or burning stones. Choose a hard surface to place your fire pit on, such as concrete or paver stones. Fire screens are a great addition for certain styles to contain sparks, making it safer for children or pets to be around. 

Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby as well to prevent any potential disasters.