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Bug-Proofing Your Yard

Aug 12, 2020

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Insects are important to the food chain. They are on the earth for a reason, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying at times. They can be especially frustrating in the yard, so here are a few ways to lower the chances of bugs invading your peaceful outdoor space. 

Remove standing water.

Standing water in the yard is the perfect breeding ground for bugs. Mosquitoes particularly love water and are bound to snack on you if you’re outside when they are. To help prevent this, keep gutters unclogged and make sure any sunken areas in the yard are flattened so water can’t gather there from rain or sprinklers. 

Remove attractants. 

Garbage cans are the perfect home for flies and ants. Keep outdoor garbage cans covered and away from main gathering spots in the yard. Don’t forget trash pickup day each week to keep the bug attraction at bay. 

Cover food.

During summer gatherings with family and friends, you may find a few unwelcome guests who are interested in your food. Keep all serving dishes covered when not in use and be sure to throw away any crumbs. 

Welcome the birds.

Insects are part of a bird’s diet. Install a bird bath in the yard or hang a feeder with seeds to encourage their visits. They will snack on insects while they’re in the yard and help the bug problem with minimal work on your part. 

Keep landscaping tidy. 

Overgrown weeds and bushes are the perfect hiding spots for pesky bugs. Regularly cut the grass and keep things clean around the yard. 

Light a citronella candle. 

Citronella oil is known to be a natural bug repellent. A candle with citronella will mask the human scents that insects are attracted to. They are perfect to keep outside for gatherings and will multitask by providing a little mood lighting. 

By taking the proper preventative measures, you can enjoy your yard throughout the year. Your skin will thank you!