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Building a Smart Home – Beginners Edition

Jan 8, 2021

Building a smart home beginners edition banner


Have you begun to discover the smart home possibilities through small devices such as Alexa or a camera doorbell? Wonder what it’d be like to have your entire home at the command of your voice or phone? It’s easy to get hooked when you have weather forecasts, recipe assistance and more at the command of your voice. Does this sweet taste of an easier life make you want to convert your entire home this way? It’s possible, but it isn’t always easy. It may not be for you either, and that’s okay! The good thing about smart home devices is that they allow you to work at your own pace and you can set them to do as much or as little as you desire. If you’re ready to take the plunge, follow these helpful tips to get started. 

Set a Clear Budget

It’s easy for costs to spiral out of control when you don’t know what exactly it is that you’re looking for and you see ads constantly for a ton of different devices. However, there’s plenty of competition in the home device market, so it can be easy to narrow down what you’re looking for by price point. There’s no need to buy everything at once if you’re just beginning, so start with a few basics and you can always add on later. 

Be Aware of Security Risks 

The reality of any smart home device that functions on Bluetooth or WiFi is that it has the potential to be breached. It’s a risk we take anytime we do something online. You don’t have to go without home automation, though, you just need to be cautious and aware. Purchase your devices from established and reputable brands as much as possible. Be sure to check reviews online as well. For anything that requires a password, choose a different password for each device. While it may be a hassle to store and remember multiple passwords, it could save you in the event of someone hacking your system. If you suspect anything has been breached, immediately change ALL of your passwords. 

Outline a Purpose for Your Smart Home

Do you want your home to be smarter for convenience? Security? To be more energy efficient? If you’re not sure why you’re wanting to build a smart home, come up with a few goals as a starting point. If you want convenience and energy efficiency, start with WiFi enabled light bulbs or a smart thermostat. If you want easy-to-manage security is at the top of your list, shop around for a smart home security system. 

Know the Truth from Gimmicks

Successful technology usually breeds about a gimmick or two from less-than-reputable businesses. If an item doesn’t really need to be smart, you may not need to give in to the sales pitch. Don’t add on unnecessary expenses by letting someone talk you into buying more. How long has this product been on the market? What are the reviews like? These are all things to consider when looking into companies and products for your home. 

Call the Pros When Needed

Smart home devices are typically easy to put together and install. However, there may be some that stump you such as those involving electrical wires or your WiFi network. If you’re having an issue with any of your devices, call a local electrician or home networking technician to give you a second look for peace of mind. 

Creating your dream smart home isn’t always an easy process and it’s definitely not a one-stop shop, but it’s worth it when you’ve arrived at your goals of automation and easier, more secure living.