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Creating a Home Maintenance Plan

Jan 27, 2020

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Creating a Home Maintenance Plan

        Owning a home means that you are responsible for a majority of the upkeep and maintenance. If you’ve never had a maintenance plan before, create one today to have a schedule that can be easily followed so that normal tasks don’t overwhelm you when the time comes.


Clear out gutters at least once per year. 

Without routine maintenance, gutters can’t do their job of keeping rain and water away from the side of your home. If water overflows, soil erosion could occur around your home. 


Check major appliances for leaks at least once per year. 

The refrigerator, washer/dryer, and dishwasher should all be deep cleaned and inspected once a year at a minimum. This is the time to spot any leaks and schedule repairs if necessary. 


Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once a month. 

Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors typically have “test” buttons that can be utilized to ensure they are working properly. Be sure to replace the batteries as necessary to keep them in working order. 


Clean the garbage disposal at least once a month. 

Garbage disposals that go uncleaned can quickly grow an unpleasant stench and may not work as well. Run a few frozen lemon peels under water in the disposal to get rid of food build-up on the blades. 


Change HVAC filters once a month. 

This is one of the top maintenance items to take care of in your home. Not only to protect your HVAC system, but to keep the air clean that you are breathing in. If there are pets in your home, it may be good to change the filters more often or upgrade to special allergen filters. 


Create a list to keep on the fridge or somewhere accessible. 

Write down each task that is necessary for your home. You could even put them in a calendar and organize them according to the time of year and how often they should be completed. 


Remind yourself. 

Set alarms in your phone calendar for some of the bigger maintenance tasks that may be forgotten. This way, you won’t forget what needs to be done and don’t have to constantly refer to a list. 


These are a few basic tasks to get you started on a routine home maintenance plan. Once you ease into the rhythm of this schedule, it’ll come automatically and your home will stay like new!