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Dealing with Snake Troubles

Jun 11, 2020

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Summertime seems to bring out the snakes. Between the humidity from summer rain, the hot weather and many other factors, it’s fairly common to spot a snake in your yard around this time. If you want to protect your property from a snake visit, here are a few preventative measures to take: 

Maintaining Property

An overgrown yard is the perfect breeding ground and hiding spot for snakes. Not keeping your yard maintained can also attract rodents, which snakes enjoy chasing. Carefully inspect the exterior area of your property to ensure there is no standing water since they love a damp environment. Patch up any cracks or holes you may find as well. If you keep firewood on your property, be sure it is in a sealed container as snakes love woodpiles. Keep the grass cut short so that they have nowhere to hide. 

Protect Your Property

There are a good number of natural items you can easily find to keep snakes deterred from your property. Eliminate food supplies for snakes such as rodents, frogs, birds, or insects. A thorough pest control routine may help keep snakes away in the long run. 

           Mothballs contain naphthalene, an ingredient commonly found in commercial snake repellent products. The smell irritates snakes but does not harm them. You can place mothballs in any cracks or crevices around your property where snakes may be an issue. However, use extreme caution if there are children or pets in the home as they can be toxic for them. 

Powdered sulfur can be sprinkled around the property to repel snakes. It irritates their scaly skin so they are unlikely to return. It does give off a strong odor, so wear a mask when applying it. 

Clove and cinnamon oils can be mixed together in a spray bottle and sprayed directly on any snakes you might see to make them slither off. 

Garlic and onions contain sulfonic acid, another natural repellent. Mix them with rock salt and sprinkle around the property. 

Snakes dislike the scent that ammonia gives off. Spray it around affected areas to keep them away.  

These are a few simple options to consider if you are wanting to keep a snake problem under control. You can also contact a local wildlife control agency or exterminator service for professional assistance.