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Easter Decorating Ideas

Apr 3, 2021

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Easter weekend is here. Doesn’t it seem like it snuck up on us quickly? If you are planning an egg hunt or Easter dinner with family and friends at your house, you may be scrambling (pun intended) for some last-minute decor. Try a few of these tips to brighten up your home this weekend. 

Egg Carton Planters

Grab a cardboard carton, tissue paper, small potted flowers, tape, a stapler and green pipe cleaners. First, line your carton with tissue paper. Place the bottom of the plant in a small plastic sandwich bag and place it into the carton. Next, tape or staple the pipe cleaner to both sides of the carton so that it makes a handle. These make great centerpieces for smaller tables and are the perfect gift to send home with guests. 

Candy Tree

This one is perfect for an Easter egg hunt or to go on a kids’ table. Take a small, tabletop-sized faux tree and add cones made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon to the branches. Stuff a small piece of tissue or tissue paper into the bottom of each cone and add Easter candy such as pastel M&Ms or creme-filled chocolate eggs. 

Classic Blue and White Tablescape

This look is hard to beat any time of year, but is definitely a classic when it comes to Easter meals. Small bursts of greenery give a garden accent to celebrate spring and light blue hydrangeas with china dishes make for a sophisticated atmosphere. Add white chargers under blue and white patterned china with pale blue napkins. Create a centerpiece of blue speckled eggs surrounded by greenery. 

Bunny Photo Prop

If your Easter gathering is more lighthearted with children running around, a fun photo prop is sure to bring smiles and laughter. You’ll need 2 white paper plates, a stapler, a large stick, pastel paint colors of your choice, twine, cotton balls and a few different types of ribbon. 

Cut a hole in the center of both paper plates to create an opening for a face. Attach the stick to the bottom of one plate and staple both plates together around it. Cut ear shapes with cardstock and paint your favorite colors on them, and attach to the top of the plate. Make whiskers with your twine by bundling it and cutting one loop to create multiple pieces. A bit of glue should adhere it to the plate. Add strips of ribbon around the stick for an extra piece of fun and snap away! 

2×4 Wood Bunnies

Cut different lengths of 2×4 planks. Sand them and dry-brush with white paint. Paint pink noses on them, add strips of white felt for the teeth and bent black wire for the whiskers. Add googly eyes or paint them on and attach ribbon bows to the top for girly bunnies. These are great for the front porch or coffee table! 

Don’t stress if your home isn’t picture-perfect for Easter. The most important thing is spending time with those you love, and if you have time for a few decorations, that’s great!