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Easy Landscaping Improvements

Jul 16, 2020

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Since we have spent so much time at home this year, the projects have increased. Homes everywhere are being remodeled inside and out from flooring to cabinets and everything in-between. Is it time to take your DIY projects to the yard? If so, take a look at these easy landscaping ideas to make the exterior of your home look beautiful. 

Start with cleaning.

If the yard is overgrown or full of debris and loose trimmings, find the rake and a trash bag to clear the space. This will give the yard an immediate facelift even if you can’t get to other projects right away. Don’t feel the need to rush through everything at once- cleaning is a great start and will give you the motivation to keep going. 

Add color with flowers. 

Any landscape can be spruced up with a touch of color. However, be cautious of choosing new plants based on color alone. Be sure your yard is a suitable growing environment for the plants you are interested in. Don’t forget classic white flowers, too. They will help illuminate the area in the evenings and add timeless beauty to your yard. 

Shrubs are a staple.

Shrubs are multi-purpose: they can hide unappealing spots in the yard, add focal points and more. There are many different sizes and varieties of shrubs to choose from, so look into your options and choose the best ones for your yard. Be mindful that shrubs grow, so keep that in mind when choosing the type and location you want. Know how to maintain them as well for optimal success. 

Throw down some mulch. 

Fresh mulch instantly adds curb appeal. More than its aesthetic features, mulch also helps to trap moisture and channel water into the roots of surrounding plants. It will regulate the temperature of the soil and reduce the probability of pesky weeds. Be careful to keep the mulch at least 18” from the foundation of your home to avoid pest issues. 

Edge it up.

Edging creates a strong and appealing boundary between planting areas and grass. There are many different varieties of edging to choose from but the most common are short strips anchored into the ground, masonry such as brick or stone, or wood edging. 

These are a few simple ideas that will jumpstart your landscape beautification for everyone to enjoy. Take pride in your work and let your yard be the talk of the neighborhood!